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What’s Getting Us Through the Week

Sitting at happy hour on Tuesday I thought to myself, is it REALLY only Tuesday? To say the least, it’s been quite a long week. Here is what has been keeping us going all week:

E says…

1. Seasonal Giving
(sidenote: is that weird?)


My little guy requested a toy truck or a wooden shape sorter toy. I found both in one!!

Tis the season! Most people tend to think of themselves or their loved ones during the holiday season which is completely understandable. I for one hit up black Friday sales with entirely myself in mind (oops!… but 50% off J.Crew? I mean come on). However, work has organized an Angel Tree giving session through the salvation army and I was volunteered to support a child with clothes and toys for the holidays. My little guy was less than 2 years old and while shopping for a toddler was a new experience (3T..5T??) when giving those gifts in today I felt really amazing that I have the chance to make this little guy’s hoildays. He’s probably too young to appreciate now, but I spent a lot of time considering what he or his parents might find practical – a 2 in one coat for all seasons for instance! Remember, especially in D.C., there are many less fortunate than yourself to consider. Donate what you can – time, money, clothes, food etc. You’ll be helping them and helping yourself.

2. Passenger – Let Her Go


I somehow missed this song entirely until it was on The Voice for the first time a few weeks ago. Since then I have it on repeat — the original, covers, acapella… you name it, I’ve been listening to it! Its sort of sad, but also sweet.

S says…

1. “Classy” Shade Revlon Nailpolish

Revlon classy nail polish

I usually go for darker shades in the winter, but I am just in love with this light pink from Revlon. It’s not too much, and totally lives up to the “classy” name.

2. Awesome Workouts

workout woman

It’s me! Yes, I even workout in a skirt…(kidding!)

Not sure what it is about having a frustrating week at work, but it has definitely benefited me at the gym – the perfect place to take out all that aggression! Not going to lie – I’ve been really bad about working out lately, so after Thanksgiving I was determined to get back into my routine and I feel SO.MUCH.BETTER. I definitely have more energy, feel better abut myself, and have even been sleeping better (though not sure those are related…). Here’s to hoping I can keep it up!

& we both agree on..

Sound of Music LIVE!

sound of music

This is TONIGHT and we can’t wait! Carrie Underwood is so amazing and this is an absolute classic movie. It’ll be very interesting and hopefully amazing to watch the live performance!

What’s getting you through to the weekend?

xX – E&S


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Brighten Up Your House Keys!

So I may have picked up a thing or two from working at Jo-Ann Fabrics through my high school years…and every now and then, my crafty side comes out. My latest project was (re)painting my apartment keys to make them more fun.

I’ve always been obsessed with nail polish – new colors, new designs, new trends…I loved it all. But in an attempt to be more of an adult, I started getting gel manicures a couple months ago – there are a lot fewer options for colors, but I was so sick of the chipping and breaking, so it’s been a good decision overall. But now I have no idea what to do with all this:

My extensive nailpolish collection

My extensive nailpolish collection

So every couple months I repaint my house keys to spice up some normally boring items. This time around I chose some pastels as a base and made a last minute addition of a sparkly layer on top.

My choices

My choices



The first step was taking the current colors off…so naturally I let them soak in a shot glass full of nail polish remover…

Soaking in a shot glass....

Soaking in a shot glass….

Then I began the painting. It takes a couple of layers each, depending on what color and type of polish you’re using. Also, it takes a little while for each side to dry…so you just gotta be patient, which is why I like to do these things while watching movies….or catching up on Community before the premiere tonight (can’t wait!).


First coat

2nd coat

2nd coat

By about 3 coats in you should be good to go….unless you’re like me and want to add even more pizzazz 

3rd coat

3rd coat

This was the point where my keys kept smudging because I wasn’t waiting long enough…so I decided to let them hang off the table using my wallet as a weight…



And I forgot to take a picture of this…but make sure you add a couple of layers of clear polish on as well to protect it from smudging and chipping easily. My last set lasted over 4 months and only barely chipped.


Letting them dry


Finished Product – Love!

Moral of the story: this is an awesome, fun, and cheap project….and the finished products are adorable. Win-win-win. I’m thinking red, white, and blue for next time?

– xO S

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