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Now Playing: New Year, New Tunes!

I was home this week with plenty of time to discover some new music and I am totally ready to bring in 2014 with these new jams:

Later On – The Swon Brothers

swon brothers

I remember watching & loving these guys on last season of The Voice so I am SO excited that they’ve released their first single and that it is really great! They’re full of energy and crazy talented – I think they’ll be around for while! Plus, how could they not be with looks like that?

Numb – August Alsina


I know, the lyrics are absolutely absurd and disgusting, but it wouldn’t be a complete S playlist without at least 1 token terrible rap song. This guy sounds almost exactly like Chris Brown and I dare you to try not dancing when this song comes on.

Team – Lorde


I MIGHT like this song more than Royals. Yeah, I said it. I haven’t listened to the whole ‘Pure Heroine’ album yet, but I like what I hear so far and might have to give in soon. With that voice and passion I still can’t believe she’s only 16.

Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo


Okay, fine, maybe this post has 2 absolutely terrible rap songs. But can I really help it if all I want to do is dance? This song is SO different from Jason Derulo’s last hit “Marry Me,” but I won’t lie, I like it a lot more.

and Bonus throwback –

Get Me Bodied – Beyonce

get me bodied

I know she has a completely new and amazing album out, but I have not been able to bring myself to download it yet. I’m still not over Miley’s Bangerz or Eminem’s MMLP2 so I just don’t want to add another full album if I’m unable to give it the attention it deserves (weird, I know). HOWEVER, I have been inspired by the release of the new album to revisit one of my old Bey favorites.

What will you be listening to in the New Year?


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What’s Getting Us Through the Week

Sitting at happy hour on Tuesday I thought to myself, is it REALLY only Tuesday? To say the least, it’s been quite a long week. Here is what has been keeping us going all week:

E says…

1. Seasonal Giving
(sidenote: is that weird?)


My little guy requested a toy truck or a wooden shape sorter toy. I found both in one!!

Tis the season! Most people tend to think of themselves or their loved ones during the holiday season which is completely understandable. I for one hit up black Friday sales with entirely myself in mind (oops!… but 50% off J.Crew? I mean come on). However, work has organized an Angel Tree giving session through the salvation army and I was volunteered to support a child with clothes and toys for the holidays. My little guy was less than 2 years old and while shopping for a toddler was a new experience (3T..5T??) when giving those gifts in today I felt really amazing that I have the chance to make this little guy’s hoildays. He’s probably too young to appreciate now, but I spent a lot of time considering what he or his parents might find practical – a 2 in one coat for all seasons for instance! Remember, especially in D.C., there are many less fortunate than yourself to consider. Donate what you can – time, money, clothes, food etc. You’ll be helping them and helping yourself.

2. Passenger – Let Her Go


I somehow missed this song entirely until it was on The Voice for the first time a few weeks ago. Since then I have it on repeat — the original, covers, acapella… you name it, I’ve been listening to it! Its sort of sad, but also sweet.

S says…

1. “Classy” Shade Revlon Nailpolish

Revlon classy nail polish

I usually go for darker shades in the winter, but I am just in love with this light pink from Revlon. It’s not too much, and totally lives up to the “classy” name.

2. Awesome Workouts

workout woman

It’s me! Yes, I even workout in a skirt…(kidding!)

Not sure what it is about having a frustrating week at work, but it has definitely benefited me at the gym – the perfect place to take out all that aggression! Not going to lie – I’ve been really bad about working out lately, so after Thanksgiving I was determined to get back into my routine and I feel SO.MUCH.BETTER. I definitely have more energy, feel better abut myself, and have even been sleeping better (though not sure those are related…). Here’s to hoping I can keep it up!

& we both agree on..

Sound of Music LIVE!

sound of music

This is TONIGHT and we can’t wait! Carrie Underwood is so amazing and this is an absolute classic movie. It’ll be very interesting and hopefully amazing to watch the live performance!

What’s getting you through to the weekend?

xX – E&S


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Now Playing: Rap & More

You all know about my rap music obsession by now. Well, it’s been in full swing recently, as I’ve discovered some pretty great rap songs I’ve been listening to non-stop. I know they’re crude and difficult to understand, but try listening to any of these in the morning and not having a little extra pep and sass in your step for the day. Also, sometimes they’re just downright hysterical.

(Note: I have not linked to the actual videos for the first few because they’re super weird and inappropriate)

Slight work – Wale

Bassline – Chris Brown

I’ve been listening to these two on shuffle during my whole commute the last week or so, and it definitely pumps me up for the day. I just have to resist breaking it down on the metro…which is probably more difficult for me than most people (sorry not sorry I love to dance!).

Headband – B.o.B.

Acapella – Karmin

These two songs embody what I mean when I say rap music is funny. If you check out the lyris (especially to the last one), you’ll see what I mean!

Some non-rap jams for those that aren’t feeling the hardcore stuff:


Royals – Lorde

You’ll Find  A Way – Santogold

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

These three songs are a little more alternative than my usual song choices, but I just can’t help myself. They’re all super different, too. Not sure what’s gotten into me…but I’m loving the variety! Lorde & The Neighbourhood are both newer artists, while Santogold has been around for a while. Check ’em out!

Redneck Crazy – Tyler Farr

You didn’t think I would just let this list go on without adding a country song, did you? Tyler Farr is pretty new to country music, but this song has definitely been pushign him to the top of the charts already. The name makes it seem kinda weird, and I’m not sure what it means that I love a song called “Redneck Crazy,” but I don’t even care. I DARE you to try not belting this in the car…

What are you listening to?


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Currently Listening: Something for Everyone

So this is another music post…but I can’t help it! I’m no music expert but I do have really eclectic taste. After completely wearing out Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” track, I HAD to download new music this weekend. These are all really great and coincidentally happy sing-a-longs that have been amping me up during my normally drowsy morning routine. Here’s what I’ve been listening to on repeat:

1. Fool for you – Cee Lo Green 
If you’re feeling something a little different


Yeah…what? Cee Lo? For real? Yes. It’s real. And it’s incredible.

2. Slow Down – Selena Gomez
If you want to dance


Selena has done it again. Another great sing and dance-along track that just puts me in a great mood. Perfect for a night out…or a night of dancing around your bedroom….not that I just did that tonight or anything…

3. Popular Song – Mika
If you’re feeling something fun & light


MIKA seems to come out of the woodwork every once in a while with something absolutely awesome. From ‘Love Today’ to ‘Celebrate,’ I’m always pleasantly surprised when I hear a new MIKA jam and the same goes for this one!

4. Aw Naw – Chris Young
If you’re feeling country


It wouldn’t be a complete Shianne list if there weren’t at least a little country on it. This song is a standard fun country song about partying. But just a warning – like “Boys Round Here,” it’s REALLY country (as if you couldn’t tell by the name) – so this may be one of those country songs that will not translate well for non-country fans.

5. Crazy Beautiful – Andy Grammer
If you’re feeling cheesy and romantic


I’ve had a weird thing for Andy Grammer music ever since I saw him perform at UR forever ago. His music is just SUPER happy…which I love! This particular song is really lovey-dove and cheesy, but it’s also equally cute and fun!

I don’t know what is in the air lately, but I’m really feeling these super-happy tunes! No sad, crooning country hits for me…at least not for a while! What have you been listening to?

xO – S

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This Week’s Playlist

Normally I would save something like this for our “What’s getting us through the week” post on Thursday…but I just don’t think I can hold it in until then…so alas, a random Monday evening post! I have been listening to the following songs for about 2 weeks straight and they have been making me SO HAPPY that I just had to share them with the world!

1. American Beautiful – The Henningsens


The first time I heard it, I HAD to download it immediately – and I was so shocked to see that this is a new group! They sounded so polished and like they just BELONGED on country radio! The phrase that especially got to me was in the second verse: “Why walk, baby, we were born to run?” It’s just so strangely motivational! I’ve really been enjoying DC life lately, and I’ve been really, really happy…and this song matches my feelings of trying to make the most of every situation and really making sure I’m running through life and experiencing all I can while I can!

2. Running Out of Air – Love & Theft

love & thetf

How many times did my friend Kelly and I listen to this song between Saturday evening and right now? I don’t want to talk about it. Actually, I do. Because its about 100. Because this song is awesome. So fun, so catchy…what more can you want? I’m obsessed.

3. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez


Now…this one is a few weeks old…but I’m still listening non-stop…and that’s a good sign! I’m considering it as my follow-up jam to Icona Pop’s “I Love It” and Marina & The Diamonds’ “How to be a Heartbreaker,” both of which my roommate and I were obsessed with earlier in the year. They’re all classic work out/power jams that just make you want to scream and dance.

I’m generally not the most “hip” or up-to-date when it comes to music, so don’t expect posts like this often…but I just had to make sure everyone knew about these tunes because they are fairly new still! Check ’em out and let us know what’s on your playlist this week!


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