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Maine Lobstaaa

My 4th of July was very different from Shiannes. I used the free vacation time from the office to fly home to NH and spend some quality down time with the family and the dogs. On the actual 4th, my mom and I decided to head up to the sea — stopping at Portsmouth, NH, Ogunqiut and Kennebunk ME.

I had not seen the ocean in a very long time

If you know me well, you know I don’t eat lobster.. but my moms looked pretty delish!

picture perfect scene on the ride up

Home is so relaxing…I found myself sort of home sick to leave. But I especially could not bear to part with these guys:


friends fur-ever

I’m getting nostalgic just looking at pictures! Its terrifically unfair that jobs give you only a certain number of days off… I miss my summer vacations more than you know today.



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