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Tuesday Shoesday: Polar Vortex Edition!

Guys, it’s cold here. I know  it’s cold EVERYWHERE, but it’s the coldest it’s been in DC in a very long time.  And it’s our first winter in DC that is actually a real winter!

That being said, we’ve obviously got a running wish list of shoes we need to handle these conditions! Here are our dream snow shoes:

E went to school in Rochester, but it’s just not quite the same when you have to trek through slushy city streets and still look presentable when you get into the office. A pair of either of these boots would probably really help with that.

Hunter Boots + Faux Fur Cuff Socks


hunter socks

Women’s Bean Boots by L.L. Bean

llbean boots

S actually loves the cold and is far more prone to taking walks and hanging out outside in freezing temperatures (weird, I know!). So obviously a good, sturdy pair of boots is in need for that kind of business!

zara boots

fuzzy boots

Women’s Waterproof Fold-Down Boots by Timberland


And BONUS: everyone needs to own one of these two scarves because they’re amazzzzing and so warm AND on sale right now:

Soft Printed Scarf from Zara

zara scarf

So many ways to wear it!

me in scarf

S might be a little obsessed with hers

Fauz Fur Snood by ASOS

fur snood

slightly different color but still amazing!

elyse snood

E staying warm in the polar vortex!

What shoes and other accessories do you use to combat snow and bad weather?

xO E&S

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Color Crush: Oxblood

Can I please just have everything in this color? The name ‘oxblood’ is vague (and slightly scary…) but I see it as somewhere near a deep red / burgundy. Whatever it is, I’m absolutely obsessed with it for the fall and winter seasons. See some of my favorite items in this color below:

Cynthia Rowley Shoulder Bag

oxblood bag

I’m absolutely dying to find this for actual sale somewhere after seeing it on a random website. The color with the gold and tassel accents is everything I’ve been dreaming of in a new bag. You can find me on eBay for the next million years trying to dig this up somewhere.

Chinese Laundry Booties from Piperlime

Adorable twist on the classic bootie look. I especially love the gold touch on the toe!

Skinny Jeans from ASOS

oxblood pants

Oxblood is the new black. Or at least when it comes to skinny jeans in my book. These are adorable and could go with almost anything, but are way more fun than plain black skinnies. This ASOS pair is pretty cheap, but I also picked up a great pair from Kohl’s earlier this season!

Kozart Necklace from Aldo Shoes

oxblood jewelry

American Rag Jacket from Macy’s

oxblood jacket

How much do I need this adorable thing? So, so much.

& of course…

Oxblood Nails

oxblood nails

Duh. This has been my all-time favorite nail color for a while – classic, sexy, and fun. A great winter alternative to my signature bright red.

Excuse me while I go hit up a mall immediately and buy anything i see in this color. Happy shopping!

xX -S

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Tuesday Shoesday

We’re back with another addition of Tuesday Shoesday! It’s turning into winter quick, which means the holidays are coming up…so obviously we have to update our shoe collections to reflect! Here are the pairs we’ve currently got our eyes on:

E picks

Hamil Wedge from Vince Camuto

11.12 e wedges

Something about the hidden platform, gold edged heel, wooden wedge. I’m obsessed with these beauties and they have a 5 star review! Heels above 4 inches are too tall for me day to day, and these sit at a comfortable (sometimes) 3.3! They’d be super cute with a skirt or jeans.. and I need them in my life.

Hither T-Strap Pumps from Anthropologie

11.12 e pumps

In case your mama never told you, T straps are by far the most comfortable shoe. They’re what dancers wear to keep their foot in place, and these are just too cute for words. The sparkly bows…I just want to have them on my feet so I can look down and smile all day!

Benissa Booties from Anthropologie

e booties 1112

First off, they named it a shootie. A SHOOTIE. So clever. Anyways, these little guys are dressy and basic, comfy looking and the dipped portion with the brown suede will be perfect all winter.

S picks

Crown Vintage Boots from DSW


I just got these beauts from DSW at Pentagon City! I’m so excited to finally have boots that are cute, but also practical. I’ve recently become very anti-rain boot since the last pair I had got destroyed and made my feet sticky and smelly (TMI? oops!) Though these aren’t traditional rain boots, they should hold up in mild DC rain and snow, without being too sticky or difficult. Easy to throw on when running out the door – exactly what I need on a rainy morning. They also only ran me $60 after a coupon so I don’t even feel bad if they only last a season or two!

Melvinia Red Pumps from Aldo Shoes

11.12 s pumps

Ummm…they are bright red with gold accents….you couldn’t have not seen this one coming from me! Red is my absolute favorite color and I love the gold accents with this – I can just imagine them now with a little black dress. Dying.

Dolce Vita “Kana” Pump from Nordstom

11.12 s pumps2

Snakeskin…another classic S move. But I just love the combo with that tan color…and I guess I’m falling for the T-Strap too! But can you blame us?

What shoes are you currently coveting?

xO E&S

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Fall 2013 Fashion Must Haves…or so we think!

Its that time of year again… or well into it by now.. its FALL! (At least here in DC, where we’re still getting 70 degree weather occasionally)

There are a few key things I’ve been lusting after (and a few purchases I’ve made) recently! What have you been needing in your closet?

1. A Leather Circle Skirt

Do you like?

Available at DKYN

a longer version for the day/winter

2. Booties.. not really a new story here but I wore my first pair out! 

They really come in any heel size, but they’re incredibly comfortable and chic addition to your outfit. The heel fell off of my favorite tan pair:(

3. Chunky Sweaters with Tight Skirts

From H&M


4. Holiday season dresses.. for work & play

Here are some of my favorites from ASOS

5. Winter Coats.. its getting chilly round here!

via ASOS


for going out


One of each of the above and I should be set for a bit, don’t you think??

xx E

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Tuesday Shoesday!

It’s our second week of Tuesday Shoesday! And though we thought we had exhausted all our options after posting so many last week, it looks like there are STILL shoes we’re looking out for. Here are out picks for this week:

E picks…

Sole Society Booties

booties elyse

I kept hearing everyone talk about Sole Society so I headed over to the website to see what they’re all about…and I was not disappointed! Plus, they have 20% off your first purchase!

S picks…

Payless Tortoise Shell Heels

tortoise shell

I defintiely saw a pair just like this at J. Crew not too long ago – which obviously bummed me out since I could never afford them. Then, in walks one of my coworkers today with these on claiming she got them from Payless. Needless to say, I’ve already placed my order online.

What shoes are you currently coveting?


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Tuesday Shoesday

After chatting this weekend, Elyse and I came to a funny conclusion – no matter how much we shop or how many shoes we own…there are ALWAYS another pair we are coveting. From this thought came the idea for Tuesday Shoesday, where we post pictures of the shoes we’re currently pining for, or ones we finally splurged on!

S’s Picks – 

S PIcks

1. Chinese Laundry   2. Aldo Shoes   3. DV by Dolce Vita Flair   4. Francesca’s Collections
5. Jeffrey Campbell   6.  AK Anne Klein   7. Zara

E’s Picks – 

E Shoesday Sept 24

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs   2. Marshalls 3. Sigerson Morrison 4. Zara

5. Coconuts   6. Mia Ashley   7. Stuart Weitzman 50/50

And speaking of Shoesday…Piperlime is having a special 20% off all shoes special just for today! So if you’ve been been holding off lately, this is the perfect excuse to finally splurge!

In the future we may just do a quick post of one pair we’re really loving, but we had a lot of catching up to do for today! What about you? What shoes are you currently coveting?

xO -E&S

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Fall Foliage & Fashion: Our First Glossi!

Have you guys heard of Glossi? Well we just learned about it over here at Liberty on Less and it is so much fun! It’s basically just a new and cool way to display pictures and text. Here is our first go at it featuring some of our favorite fall fashion trends!

(Click to open the pages!)

Let us know if you like it and maybe we’ll have some more coming your way soon!

xX E&S

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Prepping for my first 4th of July in DC!

If you live in DC, you know how big of a deal the 4th of July is here. Or at least you’ve HEARD about how big a deal it is…but maybe you haven’t experienced it yet.
This year will be my first Independence Day in the nation’s capital – and I could not be more excited! We have a huge party every year for the 4th of July at work and apparently it is the absolute best time. We’re right on Capitol Hill so the party is hosted on the roof – with a 360 view of the city & fireworks in every direction!
 Since I’ll technically be at work, I won’t want to be too flashy – but I also have a lot more leeway than I would on a regular work day. I’m thinking about pairing a simple red dress (like the one pictured below) with a white heel (also below) and maybe some blue accessories?
If you won’t be at work – and instead enjoying the fireworks in a more laid-back atmosphere, I highly recommend the American flag print shorts and/or sequined, white, peplum top!
4th of July
A couple of the items I’m particularly obsessed with are:
1. Simple red tank top from H&M – it just looks like it would drape so well!
2. Blue Bow from Etsy- great way to contain and also style my crazy & long waves!
3. White Heels from Rock&Republic – so classy & chic!
And, of course, don’t forget my favorite accessory – red lipstick!
What will you be wearing to the fireworks?
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Summer Trend: NEON

I can’t believe it’s already summer! Or, at least it is in DC. With temperatures up towards 90 consistently, I’m ditching the spring gear completely and gearing up for a long, hot DC summer! And I’m doing it with the help of a few bright new wardrobe additions.
I’m not usually one for fashion trends, but I’ve been trying to branch out and embrace some new things lately and one thing I’ve noticed this summer is NEON EVERYWHERE. And it makes perfect sense – when else could you wear electric green or hot pink and get away with it? Only in summer. Sure, too much neon can hurt your eyes, but when styled properly it can create a fun and fresh new look. Here are some of the products I’ve got my eye on for the season:
Neons for Summer
Neons look great with a nice tan and are just plain fun!You can mix them together or use them as an accent to a simple, solid outfit.  Some of these products are kinda a splurge – but I tried to keep it semi-reasonable and most of these stores have some pretty great sales so there’s definite potential to get a great deal.
Will you be indulging in some neon this summer?
xO -S
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Shopping for Summer

Soooo…I’m guilty…I went shopping AGAIN this weekend. There’s just something about strolling through downtown DC shops (or Pentagon City Mall) on a Sunday afternoon that is just so relaxing. I’m still in that summer denial phase, where I have almost NO clothes for the season….so I’m slowly but surely trying to fix that situation as summer inches closer and closer. Here are my latest finds to help me prepare for the sweltering DC heat (and some makeup that just makes me feel better in general :))


1. Subtle Snakeskin Sandals- Ann Taylor Loft


My general MO in the summer is to buy a couple sets of sandals and just wear them out until the end of the season and rinse and repeat for the next year. Because they get worn out so easily I’m always trying to find a pair that are relatively cheap, but will also be cute and match a large majority of my clothes. These snakeskin sandals from Ann Taylor Loft are my first sandal purchase this season and I am SO excited about them! They’re super cute, go with everything, and did I mention they are SNAKE SKIN ahhh! Trekking the hot streets of DC won’t be so bad with these by my side….or…um..on my feet!

2. Yellow Tanktop – Banana Republic


I’ve had my heart set on this tanktop since I first laid eyes on it about a month ago. I waited and waited for a sale or coupon, and finally it came. With a 50% off Banana Republic coupon in hand, I headed to the store to finally pick up this gorgeous summer top. It’s the prefect color for my skintone and is really light and airy so I won’t get super sweaty and gross in it. Also, it can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style it. I can’t wait to wear it around to brunches, bars, and wherever else the wind takes me this summer!

3. Sephora Collection Colorful Blush in Coral Crush – Sephora


My cousin informed me that the makeup you’re placing directly on your face (i.e. foundation, blush, etc.) is the most important as far as quality goes…which makes sense when you think about it. So I returned once again to my new favorite place – Sephora and went directly for the “Sephora Collection” brand – which isn’t too expensive, but is still great quality (only $14 a pop!). I decided to try out the coral color for something a little different and natural for summer and I am LOVING it so far! Of course I’ll keep a classic pink blush around for most occasions, but this coral is great for switching things up every once in a while, and goes great with my tan!

With these great pick-ups I am A LITTLE more excited for summer, though I’m still dreading that humidity! What great deals have you come across this season?


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