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Cinnamon Spiced Cider

Another snowday is officially in the books for DC! I know post-Christmas snow is much less exciting to most, but I’m still jumping for joy over here. Since winter is my favorite season, I like to stretch it out as much as I can (sorry to those pining for spring)! I unfortunately didn’t get a FULL snowday on Tuesday, but we did get to leave early – and this is what I encountered on my way home:


Literally can’t even see the Capitol from Union Station!


Just beginning to accumulate….

As soon as I got home, I put on my sweats, lit some candles, and whipped up a batch of this amazingggg cider that my roommate taught me to make last winter. It’s literally the easiest recipe ever – all you need is a Crock-Pot, apple cider, and a few spices! You can even include some spiced rum if you feel like adding a little flare! The “fun” part of winter might be over, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t try to make the best of what’s left!


I just took this pic to show off my new measuring spoon set….


so much goodness is 1 cup

Cinnamon Spiced Cider

So whip up a batch, grab a cozy blanket, and get ready to ride out the rest of winter!

xO -S

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Birthday Dinner at Tunnicliff’s Tavern

Last weekend was my friend Rachel’s 23rd birthday!

We’ve been friends since around sophomore year of High School and she recently moved to DC!


Boston in the Winter of 2010

As she resides on the other side of town, we decided to meet at Tunnicliff’s Tavern for some beer and burgers!
Right across from eastern market, with its large enclosed eating area on the outside its pretty hard to miss.

Inside is both a bar and restaurant vibe.. we elected to sit at some of the high tables and catch a view of the basketball games going on.

She went for:

Smoked Gouda Mac& Cheese with Cornbread


I opted for a crab cake

and we split the most delicious Honey Almond Brie plate


Now once the food arrived, it was rather delicious. However it took an HOUR AND A HALF to come. We were happily conversing but when it arrived Rachel’s Mac & Cheese was missing. The manager apologized and fetched it right away but the mishap made us question future travels to the tavern..

Have you been and had a better experience? I had to write a bad review when it was potentially just an off night.


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H Street Country Club

Do you know what the perfect date is, be it friend or romantic? Its mini golf. 

You may have been thinking dinner, a movie, drinks, a play or a concert, maybe even a wizards game (ha definitely kidding there..) but I promise you, its mini golf, putt putt, whatever you want to call it. Its interactive, fun, gets your competitive nature going and in the end its pretty goofy too.

Now H Street Country Club allows you to putt putt your little heart out, with drinks and food available (Mexican food and margaritas no less!) along the way– plus its INDOORS so 12 months of the year, your mini golf dreams are attainable!

Full disclosure… I have yet to go here. Its in the top 3 on my list but some how last weekend whirled by so perhaps this weekend I’ll squeeze in some time and find a group to go with.

UPDATE: Shianne has been! Said it was great! 

Have any of you gone? It looks so fun! I really need to explore H street in general…

Well here are some pictures for now, when I go I’ll update!

Check it out! 

its even DC themed!

pool tables and shuffle board tables for your bar enjoyment

and giant jenga which is quite possibly one of the best bar games around!


p.s. They have a roof top deck coming for the spring….even better!

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Pleasant Pops Farmhouse

I FINALLY made it to Adams Morgan, you guys! After almost 6 months of living in DC, I can finally say that I have been to what many people consider the most hip and happening part of the city (and my usage of the terms ‘hip’ and  ‘happening’ probably just proved why I don’t belong there).

But even though I am mostly a grandma at heart, I ventured out last Friday upon a suggestion from my friend Annah. We had really been craving some hot chocolate, and it was a cold, rainy night…so it was perfect. The place was called Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe.


inside the market

 The gist of this place (or at least why we went) is that they provide you with a cup of base liquid (milk for us) and a stick of whatever ingredients to stir into the base (like chocolate). If that is the most confusing description ever, which I’m pretty sure it may be, check out the pictures below for some clarity:


milk before stirring (and my finger in the corner…oops)


the “pop” part – a block of chocolate on a stick.

It was honestly the coolest thing. There were so many options, too! They have over 100 flavors – everything from cookies n cream to pina colada. Annah and I both decided on the Mexican Hot Chocolate – inspired by Danny from The Mindy Project, which I am obsessed with (obviously…a hilarious AND gorgeous Indian? Can I just be her please?).

And they’re super sustainable/environmentally friendly and support local businesses & farmers – so if you’re into that, that could also be a draw. Admittedly, I’m mostly just into hot chocolate. But it is kinda cool to see a totally DC-based company succeeding! You can find them at their Adam’s Morgan location, at farmers’ markets when in season, or on their moving truck “Big Poppa” – just follow @pleasantpops on Twitter!


messy but delicious

They also have food if you want to make a meal of it – I HIGHLY suggest the grilled cheese! If you’re looking for something fun and new in DC, this is definitely worth stopping in!


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