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Union Market DC

After hearing about it for so many weeks, I finally made my way to Union Market!

Instead of brunch, one of my roommates suggested get some of our fresh air for the day and walk to NoMA with her. After a pit stop for some coffee, we walked from our Dupont home down Florida Ave and arrived at Union Market.

When you first walk up, it’s not entirely what you might expect. There are butchers and wholesale warehouses and it looks as though nothing has been renovated in quite a few years.. but then as you turn the corner you run across an all white building, with orange accents that looks a bit out of place.

You have arrived!


Union Market is a DC foodie and gifters paradise. Many of DC’s most loved restaurants have mini outposts inside. You can find empanadas, bagels, a diner, a wine bar, fresh meats and artisan cheeses, a chocolate shop, a tea shop, an oyster bar, a knife shop, a macaroon shop.. to name a few.

There is also a shop section called Sweet and Savory, devoted entirely to home goods and gifts. Here are some of my favorite views from the market:

For your favorite cooking friend

For your favorite cooking friend

I probably need this.. this is generally how I feel

I probably need this.. this is generally how I feel

For your friend who always knows what to order

For your friend who always knows what to order

For your furry adopted friend

For your furry adopted friend

For your adventurous friend

For your adventurous friend

For your home making friend

For your home making friend

mmm CoCo Sala

mmm CoCo Sala

Pearl - Tea

Pearl – Tea

CoCo Sala

CoCo Sala

Look at that in the back

Look at that in the back

Red Apron meats and sandwiches -- I must go back

Red Apron meats and sandwiches — I must go back

afterlight (1)

Buffalo Bergen - Diner/Deli

Buffalo Bergen – Diner/Deli

I think that my favorite part was the artisan cheese section — they have an unbelievable variety and if you can get a spot, you have the option to do a tasting with 3 different types of wines and cheeses.

Who will go with me next time? Perhaps for brunch?



I highly suggest making the trek, if you don’t want to walk like we did there is plenty of parking, or the NoMA metro stop is only a few blocks away. Sample everything you can, and come hungry — you wont be disappointed!


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DGS Brunch!

This weekend, S and I met up in the DuPont area with every intention of reviewing a totally different brunch location. The original location required a reservation (who knew!) so we’ll have to review it another time…luckily right across the circle is the lovely DGS Delicatessen, which we’ve also been meaning to try.

There was a really short wait (less than 10 minutes – which is crazy at 12:30 on a Sunday!), but we opted to sit at the bar anyway since it was super cute. The atmosphere was perfect for brunch! Really casual, not too loud or too quiet, and quality food….we couldn’t ask for anything more. And we didn’t have to! Next thing we knew, they had a customer with a baby stroller coming in so they asked us to move down just a couple seats to the higher bar to accommodate the stroller. No problem, right? Even though we totally didn’t mind doing it, they gave us each a glass of champagne on the house for the trouble, and we’re not ones to argue with an offer like that!



I have no idea what kind of champagne it was but it was slightly different than the standard brunch champagne and seriously delicious! I really regret not asking what it was because now I’m afraid I won’t be able to find it again (unless I go back…which is actually pretty likely). Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, our food came – and it looked like this…


Challah French Toast


Patatas Bravas

Perfect portions and excellent presentation! We couldn’t help but fire up Instagram and take these photos to show you…though it was hard to resist just diving in right away! Definitely worth a trip if you’re looking for a cute & casual brunch place!




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NYC Recap!

Remember how I said that I was going to NYC a few weeks ago? I forgot to update you on the trip! If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen most of these but there is always a story behind every picture…

First I was there for work… in Jersey City which is ALMOST NYC.. as you can see from the beautiful view

View from the Goldman Sacs building

Finally, we united in Sty Town and headed out into the night!

The night began!

We went to Houstan Hall in the west village.  Imagine a german beer hall FILLED to the brim.

look at the size of those guys!

The crew!!!!

As the night progressed….

The next day we woke up bright and early and took the subway to Williamburg for a large food fest with a fantastic view!


Seeing as it was Michelles birthday, we hit up a little Sushi place around the block from her apartment

Birthday Sushi!

And headed out into the night for some dancing…which somehow I got no pictures of, just instagram videos which I’m not entirely sure how to share just yet.

The next morning was brunch at the Sunburnt Cow (clearly named for me as I got burned just sitting around brooklyn) If you can imagine, is a tiny bar with fantastic breakfast and lunch items –think steak and eggs– with bottomless drinks and all Australian men servers.

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking, lounging, saying goodbyes, and grabbing dinner at this adorable 24/7 restaurant in the east village called 7A Cafe that I’ve now managed to go to every single time I’ve visited new york this year. I’m claiming it as my spot!

The next morning it was time to head back to Penn Station, but not before I got caught in a torrential downpour

No cabs to be found!

Ahh NYC… always a great visit. I think the friends are half the fun though.




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Sunday Brunch at Founding Farmers

So Elyse and I have been part of this newly initiated monthly brunch of Rochester 2012 graduates. We’ve only done it twice so far, but it’s been a great way to keep in touch with classmates and try new restaurants around the city (like we need an excuse for that…).

This weekend we decided on Founding Farmers – located in Farragut. After a little timing confusion and metro struggles, all 10 of of sat down for a delicious meal. Founding farmers was nice enough to accommodate 10 people.. and it was all booked on Open Table! Cannot get easier.. Its also quite the place, two floors with a huge bar in the middle and really inviting atmosphere.


UR 2012ers in DC!

Founding Farmers is famous (understandably so!) for its delicious and locally grown food. I (Elyse) swear those were the best pancakes I’ve had…maybe ever.

The Eggs Benedict option looked pretty fabulous as well…

You can check out their Menu and locations here.

It was a beautiful day in the district, so Elyse and I decided to grab some Starbucks and take a stroll around the shopping areas downtown. Typical Sunday life in the nations capital!

– S&E

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Urbana’s Bottomless Brunch

One of my roommates had mentioned a few weeks ago that she experience a brunch place, so magical that they had a juice bar entirely devoted to mixing your most favorite mid-afternoon cocktail. So seeing as my roommates had some guests and I’m really happy with any excuse to brunch we met in Dupont for our 1:15pm seating at Urbana and ended up staying until 4:30!!! Needless to say it was delish.

First things first, when you sit down and announce that you’ll be participating in their $18.50 bottomless deal you are greeted by bottles upon bottles of champagne on your table. You can refill as you please and the waiters will help you out from time to time regardless if you’re ready or not. Now, here is the genius part — you fill your glass 2/3 full with champagne and then you stroll over to the juice bar where you find this:

(picture from Mango&Tomato, I forgot to take my own!)

Grapefruit, Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, Strawberry, Cherry, Lychee.. the list goes on and you can mix and match as you please..


By the time you’ve finished a glass (maybe 2 or 3…) food arrives!

yes that thing in the middle of the plate is cheesy potatoes and yes, its amazing

And as you continue to eat and down your bubbly drinks the hours just seem to fly by…all 3 of them! We actually we the 2nd to last table left before the dinner crowd, and the last table was just waiting for us to leave so they could win. Who knew it was a competition??

Urbana also had fabulous wine specials on happy hour  and gourmet pizza (or so I’ve been told) so be sure to check them out!

I giggled at it on the way out..and stole this picture shhhh thank you troublesome triangle!

-x E

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Ted’s Bulletin Brunch & Boss-man

There is just something about brunch that makes it my absolute favorite meal option. You can get breakfast, you can get lunch, you can get drinks, and dessert and no one judges on way or the other. In fact you’re really not trying hard enough if you don’t get some semblance of all three. Shianne and I decided to give this a try when we met up with a couple friends for their first (my second) time dining at the famous Ted’s Bulletin near the Marine Baracks!

First thing you should know about teds, there WILL be a wait, something north of an hour usually but luckily eastern market is just a skip across Pennsylvania Ave so you can easily spend your time looking at all the goods and taste testing some of the fruits and spreads.

Second, when you finally get a chance to sit down and look at the menu, you’re going to be overwhelmed. We kept laughing that this was the worst decision ever because whatever we did decide to get, we’d be leaving over something equally as delicious! Some of the famous options? Peanut Butter Burger, Home Made Pop-Tarts and  Alcoholic Milk Shakes.

Third, the president eats there.

Are you sold yet?

We managed to order completely backwards..

Our poptart choices– cinnamon sugar, blueberry cheesecake and strawberry!

a real closeup to make your mouth water

Mocha and Peppermint “adult” shakes

Shianne was smart and took a picture of her meal, I got just too hungry!

(I stole this from google) But here is my T.U.B.S. — teds ultimate breakfast sandwich complete with fried egg, scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, american and cheddar cheese. YES.

I believe we were all too full to stand afterwards!

Shianne walked around D.C. to show her visiting friend from the great white north, Morgan and it was a beautiful day here while everyone was dealing with nemo

is that Morgan??

My next morning was spent at a Lucky Dog adoption event and I just had to share with you all this little (or should I say big..) tub of love, Boss.

the bossman!

This guy was left to die with no food or water for weeks on end from a previous owner and was finally rescued on the brink of starvation and given a second chance at life. Even with such a sad situation, all he wants to do is hang out, snuggle and give you a drooly kiss. Hes gained back 40 lbs so far and has another 10 to go before hes at fighting weight, but helping him out was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to hear that he’s found his fur-ever home!

just hanging around

He was so happy & content in the car that he actually refused to get out and had to be carried.. until next time big fella!


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