Sunday Brunch at Founding Farmers

So Elyse and I have been part of this newly initiated monthly brunch of Rochester 2012 graduates. We’ve only done it twice so far, but it’s been a great way to keep in touch with classmates and try new restaurants around the city (like we need an excuse for that…).

This weekend we decided on Founding Farmers – located in Farragut. After a little timing confusion and metro struggles, all 10 of of sat down for a delicious meal. Founding farmers was nice enough to accommodate 10 people.. and it was all booked on Open Table! Cannot get easier.. Its also quite the place, two floors with a huge bar in the middle and really inviting atmosphere.


UR 2012ers in DC!

Founding Farmers is famous (understandably so!) for its delicious and locally grown food. I (Elyse) swear those were the best pancakes I’ve had…maybe ever.

The Eggs Benedict option looked pretty fabulous as well…

You can check out their Menu and locations here.

It was a beautiful day in the district, so Elyse and I decided to grab some Starbucks and take a stroll around the shopping areas downtown. Typical Sunday life in the nations capital!

– S&E

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Elyse and I have been posting a lot about why we love DC and great articles, pictures, and links about the city. Although it is true that we’re both pretty obsessed with the nation’s capital, I think it’s safe to say there will always be a warm place in our hearts for the University of Rochester, our alma mater.




Eastman Quad and Chapel

Well, we’re proud to say that it has been named #31 smartest college in America in a new list by Lumosity (remember when Elyse posted about it a couple days ago?!). Check out the article here.


Our incredible library

That’s all I have to say for now – but make sure to check back with us later tonight after I post my roommate’s delicious cinnamon cider recipe! Yummmm…

Meliora, everybody!


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