DIY Bulletin Board

This is the EASIEST DIY project EVER. I saw this somewhere long ago on Pinterest and have been meaning to try it ever since. I have all these random stickers, pins, bookmarks, and other political paraphernalia I’ve acquired in the past year from going to different conferences, workshops, and just being in DC. Some of it is really clever and I don’t want to throw it all away….but I also had no where to really put it. So alas, here is my political display board!


Here’s what you’ll need:
– Frame in the size of your choice
– Roll of Cork (Sold at any craft store)







All you need to do is cut a piece of the cork the same size as the glass frame and replace the glass with that sheet of cork. I kept the cardboard backing that was in my frame to provide support for the board and it worked out really well. Without the cardboard, it would have been far too flimsy. After my board was complete, I just started sticking stuff to it and it is pretty much exactly what I envisioned!


Admittedly, I probably could have bought a pre-made tack board for cheaper, but this was way more fun…and I got to pick the exact frame color and size I wanted! One thing to note, though, is to be careful with the cork because it rips pretty easily – either get a stronger roll, or just be gentle when cutting it!

I’ve seen these done on much smaller frames and they look equally as adorable and are probably a lot more manageable, but i just figured I mind as well go big since I’ll only keep collecting these fun items the longer I stay here!

What kind of stuff would you display on a homemade bulletin board?


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CPAC 2013 at National Harbor

*First I have got to apologize for the absolutely terrible picture quality in the post…my excitement paired with my crappy iPhone camera did not serve me well this weekend…*

For you non-politicos out there – CPAC refers to the Conservative Political Action Conference, where thousands of conservatives gather each year to attend workshops, panels, and speeches by some of the best conservative lawmakers, commentators, journalists, and policy wonks.


Gaylord National Hotel right on the water at National Harbor!

This weekend was all I needed to ensure that I am definitely in the right place. There’s nothing quite like being around thousands of people from all over the country that are so passionate about the same things you’re passionate about!

We left work early on Friday to head over to CPAC as a team, which was awesome. Unfortunately we missed some of my favorites – including Rand Paul  Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney…but we still arrived with plenty of time to see my #1 favorite current politician – Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana. Bobby did not hold back at all – firing shots at the Obama Administration, the Republican Party, and NJ Governor Chris Christie.



We attended a couple other workshops Friday evening, and I almost stayed for the dinner with Jeb Bush, but ultimately decided against it because I’ve been fighting off a cold and wanted to make sure I was in perfect shape to endure an entire Saturday of CPAC madness.

We were so excited to see Governor Scott Walker Saturday morning, but unfortunately missed it thanks to a marathon blocking off all the roads downtown (ugh). We did still make it in time to see Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin. Now these aren’t my favorite people in conservative politics, but it was still cool to see them all in person! We also got to see Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, and a rising star in politics. If you haven’t heard anything from him yet,  you should definitely look him up – he is really inspiring and eloquent in his speech.


the PACKED room! Note the press/media all on their computers on the right…so cool


Sarah Palin herself!

On top of the programming being awesome, I finally got a chance to visit National Harbor! Being that it is all the way out in Prince George’s County, I’ve had no incentive to get down there all this time, so it was awesome to finally have a reason! It’s basically a little town filled with shops and restaurants on the outskirts of the city. I wish we had more time to explore the area, but I’ll definitely be making a trip back sooner rather than later.

The highlight of National Harbor is the Awakening Statue, which surprisingly has no real story behind it other than a man struggling to break out of the ground…


The little kids playing on it was too much to handle


We took a short break from all the political jargon to walk around and grab lunch at Rosa Mexicano. I was a little disappointed with the lack of options, but finally settled on tortilla soup and chicken taquitos, which were delicious. Not to mention their super strong pomegranate margaritas!  On the way back to the hotel we came across one of my favorite stores, America!, and someone was clever enough to put this guy out front:


Making my friends pose with Obama

We went back to the hotel for the last few speeches – Ann Coulter and Ted Cruz, two people I have very different feelings about. Ann Coulter is….an acquired taste, in my opinion. She’s definitely not my go-to source on conservative ideas. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, I admire a lot. He’s young, passionate, and energetic. We both have immigrant fathers and you can tell he really cares about and believes in the policies he promotes, which is important and rare in politics.


Crazy Ann Coulter



Standing ovation for Senator Cruz

I’m so inspired and excited from this weekend! I can’t wait to see what the future of the conservative movement holds. This all refers back to our recent post about job hunting. It’s so worth it to spend time finding your passion and applying it to your career. Trust me, life is much more enjoyable when you love your job! My apologies again for the terrible pictures, and for rambling on in this post about politics…I’ll post a cookie recipe soon to make up for it, I swear!


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Puppies Worried About Sequestration

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you google “Sequester + Puppies” – fear no more, I have the answer. It is this.

 Being in DC, we’ve obviously been hearing non-stop about sequestration over the past few days and this adorable buzzfeed article with puppies definitely helped make light of it.  So regardless of how you feel about the sequester, or what side of the aisle you happen to be on, I think we can all agree that puppies make everything better.

Here’s to hoping we make it through tomorrow!


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Thought Catalog: How to Live in Washington, DC

In case any of our fellow DC-ers haven’t seen this article yet, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out: Thought Catalog: How to Live in Washington, DC.

Thought Catalog is usually pretty spot-on, but this article blew my mind with how accurate it was. From trying to make new friends to questioning whether or not you’ll really ever change the world like you planned to, living in DC is quite the roller-coaster ride – and this article documents it pretty perfectly.

The reason I’m sharing it is because I found it to be extremely uplifting. It made me remember that whether I’m cursing the metro for making me late to work or cursing myself for spending $50+ at the bars, I’m still in Washington, DC – the greatest city in the country. And there’s something about driving down 395 at night, with that incredible view, that makes me think that this could never get old.



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American Rice Krispies Treats!

I’ve decided to crawl out of my post-election depression to update you all on our latest cooking excursion! In preparation for the elections, Elyse and I got together on Monday night to make America-inspired Rice Krispies Treats (the best kind)! Upon first glance, we assumed this would be a pretty easy task…but we found out much differently once we got started. The original recipe was from blogger Lil Luna and can be found here: http://lilluna.com/fouth-of-july-rice-krispies-treats/
A brief description of what NOT to do….DO NOT take your time once you’ve melted the marshmallows. Also, don’t try melting them in the microwave….they solidfy much faster and you’ll end up like this:
And now for the real recipe….once we got the hang of it, it became MUCH easier!
6 cups Rice Krispies Cereal
1 bag Marshmallows
6 tsp Butter
Red and Blue Food Coloring
1. Prep: Line your 9×9 pan with aluminum foil and make sure all ingredients open and handy
2. Melt 2 tsp butter in a saucepan
3. Slowly stir in 1/3 of the marshmallows and food coloring for the first layer (the first is the bottom!)
4. Mix in 2 cups Rice Krispies
5. Spread the mixture into your pan
6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the other 2 layers
The beauty of rice krispies treats – they’re pretty much impossible to screw up! Despite our minor mishap in the beginning, the treats still turned out delicious and festive!
These are also perfect for the Fourth of July and Memorial Day – but I can’t wait to start playing with colors and make them again for other holidays and special occasions!

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