Shopping for Summer

Soooo…I’m guilty…I went shopping AGAIN this weekend. There’s just something about strolling through downtown DC shops (or Pentagon City Mall) on a Sunday afternoon that is just so relaxing. I’m still in that summer denial phase, where I have almost NO clothes for the season….so I’m slowly but surely trying to fix that situation as summer inches closer and closer. Here are my latest finds to help me prepare for the sweltering DC heat (and some makeup that just makes me feel better in general :))


1. Subtle Snakeskin Sandals- Ann Taylor Loft


My general MO in the summer is to buy a couple sets of sandals and just wear them out until the end of the season and rinse and repeat for the next year. Because they get worn out so easily I’m always trying to find a pair that are relatively cheap, but will also be cute and match a large majority of my clothes. These snakeskin sandals from Ann Taylor Loft are my first sandal purchase this season and I am SO excited about them! They’re super cute, go with everything, and did I mention they are SNAKE SKIN ahhh! Trekking the hot streets of DC won’t be so bad with these by my side….or…um..on my feet!

2. Yellow Tanktop – Banana Republic


I’ve had my heart set on this tanktop since I first laid eyes on it about a month ago. I waited and waited for a sale or coupon, and finally it came. With a 50% off Banana Republic coupon in hand, I headed to the store to finally pick up this gorgeous summer top. It’s the prefect color for my skintone and is really light and airy so I won’t get super sweaty and gross in it. Also, it can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style it. I can’t wait to wear it around to brunches, bars, and wherever else the wind takes me this summer!

3. Sephora Collection Colorful Blush in Coral Crush – Sephora


My cousin informed me that the makeup you’re placing directly on your face (i.e. foundation, blush, etc.) is the most important as far as quality goes…which makes sense when you think about it. So I returned once again to my new favorite place – Sephora and went directly for the “Sephora Collection” brand – which isn’t too expensive, but is still great quality (only $14 a pop!). I decided to try out the coral color for something a little different and natural for summer and I am LOVING it so far! Of course I’ll keep a classic pink blush around for most occasions, but this coral is great for switching things up every once in a while, and goes great with my tan!

With these great pick-ups I am A LITTLE more excited for summer, though I’m still dreading that humidity! What great deals have you come across this season?


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