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Union Market DC

After hearing about it for so many weeks, I finally made my way to Union Market!

Instead of brunch, one of my roommates suggested get some of our fresh air for the day and walk to NoMA with her. After a pit stop for some coffee, we walked from our Dupont home down Florida Ave and arrived at Union Market.

When you first walk up, it’s not entirely what you might expect. There are butchers and wholesale warehouses and it looks as though nothing has been renovated in quite a few years.. but then as you turn the corner you run across an all white building, with orange accents that looks a bit out of place.

You have arrived!


Union Market is a DC foodie and gifters paradise. Many of DC’s most loved restaurants have mini outposts inside. You can find empanadas, bagels, a diner, a wine bar, fresh meats and artisan cheeses, a chocolate shop, a tea shop, an oyster bar, a knife shop, a macaroon shop.. to name a few.

There is also a shop section called Sweet and Savory, devoted entirely to home goods and gifts. Here are some of my favorite views from the market:

For your favorite cooking friend

For your favorite cooking friend

I probably need this.. this is generally how I feel

I probably need this.. this is generally how I feel

For your friend who always knows what to order

For your friend who always knows what to order

For your furry adopted friend

For your furry adopted friend

For your adventurous friend

For your adventurous friend

For your home making friend

For your home making friend

mmm CoCo Sala

mmm CoCo Sala

Pearl - Tea

Pearl – Tea

CoCo Sala

CoCo Sala

Look at that in the back

Look at that in the back

Red Apron meats and sandwiches -- I must go back

Red Apron meats and sandwiches — I must go back

afterlight (1)

Buffalo Bergen - Diner/Deli

Buffalo Bergen – Diner/Deli

I think that my favorite part was the artisan cheese section — they have an unbelievable variety and if you can get a spot, you have the option to do a tasting with 3 different types of wines and cheeses.

Who will go with me next time? Perhaps for brunch?



I highly suggest making the trek, if you don’t want to walk like we did there is plenty of parking, or the NoMA metro stop is only a few blocks away. Sample everything you can, and come hungry — you wont be disappointed!


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DC December To-Do List!

How is it already December in DC? With Thanksgiving behind us, it is officially Christmas season and I have never been more ready. It would be so easy to sit around and drink hot cider and watch Love Actually on repeat, but there is just so much I want to do around the city in the next month, I don’t even think I’ll even have time to sleep!

Washington DC Christmas Capitol

My main priorities are mostly low-budget (see: free) activities in order to allow me to save up my money for buying awesome gifts this season. Here’s my list of the top few things I can’t wait to do this month:

1. Ice-skating in the Sculpture Garden


Seriously how cute is it that they make the Sculpture Garden into an ice rink in the winter? I went last year with my friend Julie and it was so much fun! It was also a lot cheaper than I expected – only a couple bucks to skate and rent! It’s the perfect weekend afternoon activity if you’re downtown. Just make sure to bundle up ūüôā

2. Holiday Shopping in Georgetown

There is already no better place to shop and stroll in the District than Georgetown, but it’s even better during the holiday season! The shops have great sales and there’s a perfect mix of regular stores and classic DC-theme stores – everything you need for gift-buying! Be sure to stop in at Dean & DeLuca’s for the especially hard ones to buy for…there’s definitely something for everyone there.

3. Scottish Walk Weekend & Boat Parade in Alexandria


E & I went to this last year and it was SO FUN! We’re both pretty obsessed with Alexandria to begin with, but there’s something about the quaintness of Old Town around Christmas that makes it that much better. The Walk & Parade are both this Saturday, December 7th, and are definitely worth going to. Both are completely free and happen right along King Street. Head into Alexandria in the afternoon for the Walk, then do a little shopping and grab some dinner before heading to the harbor for the Boat Parade at night! What could be cuter?

4. ZooLights at the National Zoo

The National Zoo is already free and every night from now until January 1 (with the exception of 12/24, 25, 31) it will be all lit up and festive for the holidays! I didn’t get a chance to go last year and I’ve been kicking myself for it so I can’t wait to head over this year and see all the lights AND the animals!

What’s on your to-do list this December?


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Monthly Catch Up

Big news everyone, this weekend I became an official DC resident!

If you follow us on instagram (or check our our new instagram feed sidebar! –>>) you’ll probably have seen some of these photos, but a catch up from September and the first week in October is probably in order. We’ve been moving and shaking here at LoL.. guests visiting, work travel, work in general, weekend fun & more!


Too cute,, right? Shes adoptable!

infact, S & I had to be dragged away NOT to adopt her..


mmm teds

you saw this recipe right?”

I’ve also ended up at eastern market EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. It just never gets old…

I want them all


market goodies


perfect day

Its still been unbelievably warm in DC, considering that its October now. I’m ready for fall personally!


sidenote: some of the photos borrowed from Lindsay at seayoulater.wordpress.com but I was there.. so it still counts ūüėČ

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While We Were Away….

DC is said to be a ghost town in August. Congress is out on recess, and everyone else is on vacation escaping the crazy DC heat & humidity. Well, even though neither of us are Hill staffers, we decided to embrace that outlook anyway and took a short hiatus for some summer fun (and work!) in August.

Here’s just a few pictures and snipits of what you missed while we were away (don’t worry – we’ll go into more detail soon with some belated posts about our adventures):

S –¬†From bridal showers to baseball games, with 2 weeks of traveling in between!

august collage

E – Traveling home, friends visiting, taking advantage of the fantastic warm weather!


What have you been up to?

xx S&E

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Lou Lou’s Sale!

Hey Guys!

If you’ve been to Georgetown, Dupont, Alexandria… just to name a few… then you’ve probably seen one of Lou Lou’s adorable accessory and now clothing stores popping up around the DMV. How can you go wrong, when the perfect statement necklace for work is only $15.50?

You can’t.

This weekend, the boutique is celebrating Lou Lou Day! There will be huge store wide sales, freebies, a stylist bar and FOOD. Also if you do end up purchasing anything (which you will..trust me) 15% of the days proceeds to go the Foundation for Women’s Cancer and The National Race to End Women’s Cancer.

Its THIS SATURDAY August 3rd..aka tomorrow!!

See you there!!


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Weekend Wrap-up: 23rd Birthday Edition!

Friday was my 23rd birthday (cue Blink 182 ‘What’s My Age Again?’) and as it was my first one in DC, I was ready to go all-out with a weekend of friends, fun, and celebrating! And that is exactly what I did. (Disclaimer: This post is full of awkward pictures of me…yikes)

Now that I’m in the working world, I can’t exactly take off or do whatever I want on my birthday – if it falls during the week, I still have to go into the office. However, since I love my job so much, I didn’t even mind. Plus, I got to hang out with my awesome coworkers, and we even went out to a great Mexican place around the corner for a celebratory lunch.

birthday photo

Yes, this happened.

After work, my friend and I met my roommates are Capitol City Brewing Company at Metro Center for happy hour specials and dinner. I was told I had to try the¬†Hefeweizen, which was on tap for $3.50 a glass and it was probably one of the best beers I’ve ever had. So light, so refreshing! Cap City has this thing where they give you soft pretzels instead of bread or chips and salsa as an appetizer and it’s pretty much why I go there. I could literally just eat a bunch of the pretzels and be good. But I always try to order food too…since just eating the free pretzels and beer would be rude and weird.

Jason, Elinor, and I

We then migrated to China Town to meet up with Elyse, her friend from high school, and a couple of my other friends from work at La Tasca. Soooo much Sangria ensued…and then I even got a mini cake!

Happy birthday to me!

Sunday was my good friend Sophia’s birthday (cue Taylor Swift’s ’22’) so it was natural for us, since we have the same group of liberty-loving friends, to have a joint party on Saturday night. We spent the day running around and getting ready. We made specialty drinks and cookies for the crowd and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves (or at least I like to assume they did). It wasn’t like anything special or crazy happened, but it was just one of those nights you remember as being really awesome.¬†I wish we took pictures at the party, but I guess that’s the price we pay for having too much fun…oh well! ¬†Guess we’ll just have to do it all over again soon – housewarming party, anyone? For lack of pictures from Saturday, here is a picture of the birthday girls a couple weeks back:

Check out that Sephora lipstick! ūüôā

It’s so crazy how you leave high school and you think your best years are in the past, then you go to college and you’re convinced that those are the best years of your life. But I’ve been in DC for a year now and after this weekend, I’m positive that my best years are ahead of me. I’m so grateful for all my friends in DC who were so good to me all weekend and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for the now older, wiser me!

xO -S

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DGS Brunch!

This weekend, S and I met up in the DuPont area with every intention of reviewing a totally different brunch location. The original location required a reservation (who knew!) so we’ll have to review it another time…luckily right across the circle is the lovely DGS Delicatessen, which we’ve also been meaning to try.

There was a really short wait (less than 10 minutes – which is crazy at 12:30 on a Sunday!), but we opted to sit at the bar anyway since it was super cute. The atmosphere was perfect for brunch! Really casual, not too loud or too quiet, and quality food….we couldn’t ask for anything more. And we didn’t have to! Next thing we knew, they had a customer with a baby stroller coming in so they asked us to move down just a couple seats to the higher bar to accommodate the stroller. No problem, right? Even though we totally didn’t mind doing it, they gave us each a glass of champagne on the house for the trouble, and we’re not ones to argue with an offer like that!



I have no idea what kind of champagne it was but it was slightly different than the standard brunch champagne and seriously delicious! I really regret not asking what it was because now I’m afraid I won’t be able to find it again (unless I go back…which is actually pretty likely). Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, our food came – and it looked like this…


Challah French Toast


Patatas Bravas

Perfect portions and excellent presentation! We couldn’t help but fire up Instagram and take these photos to show you…though it was hard to resist just diving in right away! Definitely worth a trip if you’re looking for a cute & casual brunch place!




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Eastern Market Shopping

photo (1)

Dangley Earrings

A new summer, a new time to shop at eastern market! 

I cannot get enough of the place, the amazing fruit, beautiful sun flowers, and of course… the jewelry.¬†


Nautical Everything!

Nautical Everything!

Bow Bracelet!

Bow Bracelet!

If you go, I highly suggest bartering.. the bracelet and the earrings were from the same place but since I was getting two things I suggested a 15% discount and she happily obliged!  Happy Sunday!


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DC Date Night!

If you’re currently attached, you know that dates in D.C. come in a multitude of flavors. If you’re single, I know you’ve been tindering, OKCupid-ing and meeting cute people on the metro so this applies to you too!

D.C. has the wonderful plus that it is young, fun and people tend to still be a wee bit southern so dates are still the norm. Lets say you’re past the part of just drinks, and dinner and a movie is just so..blah.

As someone who’s been living the DC couple life for almost a year now, let me say that summer is the BEST time for fun and different date ideas..and if no date are around they’re equally if not more fun with your friends!

So I give you —

my top summer date ideas:

1. Boating. I don’t mean you go on your significant others yacht, although if that’s an option by all means jump on that..and invite me! You’ll notice tons of paddle boats in the tidal basin and kayaks in the Potomac around this time of year and they’re completely rent-able! Jacks *Ahem* I mean now the “Key Bridge” Boat house is ¬†right off of the main drag in Georgetown and offers hours of rental options. They have two person kayaks.. if you two can coordinate. But lets be honest, racing and a little competition makes the date more fun anyways.

I see my office in this picture!

2. Biking. If you remember my Capitol Bike Share post you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of this. I think I’ll be buying a capitol bike share membership for the summer so I can cruise around as I please! But the monuments at night.. seriously perfect date.

not a great photo but you get the idea

3. Free movies in the park. Many of the D.C. neighborhoods, especially some of the newly transitioning ones offer free movies on the grass for people to come down and enjoy.

There is :

Screen on the Green
Noma Summer Screen
and my personal favorite (mostly because they have that awesome ice skating rink during the winter)
Capitol Waterfront Movies

4. H Street Country Club Mini Golf. I mentioned this here.

Just some ideas! Have any of your own? Let me know and I’ll give it a try.


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Doughnut Daze: New Food Trend

Elyse informed me a couple weeks ago that cupcakes are no longer a thing…though I was skeptical at first, thinking that no one could ever take away the public’s love for gourmet cupcakes, I finally accepted their fate after reading this Wall Street Journal Article about the decline of the cupcake market.

However, I didn’t stay sad for long once I found out that gourmet DOUGHNUTS were taking their place. This is apparently the new dessert trend in the food market…and I am not mad about it at all. ¬†A new shop called Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken just opened up downtown and I got the chance to visit yesterday on my day off.


Outside the shop…smaller than I thought!

It’s not an actual restaurant like I had imagined, more of a grab-and-go station…but I kinda liked it that way. It’s like the best fast food joint you’ve ever been to. We each got a doughnut to try and were finished with them before we even reached the White House (except me, the slowest eater on the planet).


Most of us couldn’t resist the Salted Caramel Almond

There were all different flavors – everything from vanilla and¬†chocolate¬†glaze to bacon! I didn’t want to get too crazy on my first trip, so I went with the Salted Caramel Almond…and I was not disappointed! In fact, it was even better than I had imagined. The almonds were the perfect addition and it was JUST the right combo of salt and caramel.



I know there are SO MANY options of places to eat in DC…and sometimes that means just sticking to your personal favorites…but I promise you, it is worth branching out this time! Astro Doughnuts stands out among all the DC restaurants as unique, fun, and fast – without giving up being delicious! I’ll definitely be returning soon to try the other part of the menu – fried chicken. I saw a sriracha flavor that I won’t be able to resist for long! ūüôā I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the DC area…or looking up the nearest Gourmet doughnut shop¬†wherever¬†you’re at!

xO -S

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