Monthly Catch Up

Big news everyone, this weekend I became an official DC resident!

If you follow us on instagram (or check our our new instagram feed sidebar! –>>) you’ll probably have seen some of these photos, but a catch up from September and the first week in October is probably in order. We’ve been moving and shaking here at LoL.. guests visiting, work travel, work in general, weekend fun & more!


Too cute,, right? Shes adoptable!

infact, S & I had to be dragged away NOT to adopt her..


mmm teds

you saw this recipe right?”

I’ve also ended up at eastern market EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. It just never gets old…

I want them all


market goodies


perfect day

Its still been unbelievably warm in DC, considering that its October now. I’m ready for fall personally!


sidenote: some of the photos borrowed from Lindsay at but I was there.. so it still counts šŸ˜‰

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While We Were Away….

DC is said to be a ghost town in August. Congress is out on recess, and everyone else is on vacation escaping the crazy DC heat & humidity. Well, even though neither of us are Hill staffers, we decided to embrace that outlook anyway and took a short hiatus for some summer fun (and work!) in August.

Here’s just a few pictures and snipits of what you missed while we were away (don’t worry – we’ll go into more detail soon with some belated posts about our adventures):

S –Ā From bridal showers to baseball games, with 2 weeks of traveling in between!

august collage

E – Traveling home, friends visiting, taking advantage of the fantastic warm weather!


What have you been up to?

xx S&E

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Maine Lobstaaa

My 4th of July was very different from Shiannes. I used the free vacation time from the office to fly home to NH and spend some quality down time with the family and the dogs. On the actual 4th, my mom and I decided to head up to the sea — stopping at Portsmouth, NH, Ogunqiut and Kennebunk ME.

I had not seen the ocean in a very long time

If you know me well, you know I don’t eat lobster.. but my moms looked pretty delish!

picture perfect scene on the ride up

Home is so relaxing…I found myself sort of home sick to leave. But I especially could not bear to part with these guys:


friends fur-ever

I’m getting nostalgic just looking at pictures! Its terrifically unfair that jobs give you only a certain number of days off… I miss my summer vacations more than you know today.



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The Bouquet of Three Award

So we were recently nominated for The Bouquet of Three Award! Thanks so much to Christine over at Ms. Chris Creations. If you love food, you NEED to check our her blog because she has our mouths watering every time we even browse the homepage!

We have to admit, when we first started this blog we did not think it would be this fun or successful! We created it on a whim, part of each of us thinking it would die out after a couple weeks…but here we are months later being recognized by other bloggers for what we do – it makes us want to keep going!




The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link them in your post
2. Write 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate other bloggers for the award & let them know by posting on their pages

7 things about us!
1. S&E – This YouTube video is basically why we are friends. Look at the little hands! And giant eyeballs! It’s just too cute! This, along with some other YouTube gems (surprised kitty, mom stole all my Halloween candy) pretty much got us through our final days of Stats senior year.
2. E – IĀ have no games on my phone. Its really weird, I see everyone playing candy crush and temple run etc but I’ve just yet to download them. I think this means my soul is really 95 years old.
3. S – I’m convinced I’m part vampire. Not in the Twilight kinda way, but in the I really like dark places, rain, and cold weather kinda way. I generally want nothing to do with anything summery or sunshiney – but I’ll be that girl taking walks, iceskating, and running around downtown with a hot chocolate, a scarf, and a big smile all winter.
4. S&E –Ā We both work in a different state (district) than where we live. Aka Elyse lives in the city and works in Arlington and Shianne lives in Arlington and works in the district. (So backwards, right? But we’re both too stubborn to move…)
5. E –Ā When it comes to doing things that affect only me.. I’m really bad at motivation. This sounds backwards, I know, but basically it means that if you want to do something I had no interest in, I’ll usually play along, but if I..say…need to go to the DMV to get my car registered but really don’t want to waste a beautiful Saturday afternoon in line…(ha too close to reality).. I wont go. It’s bad. I need to work on self motivation!
6. S – I’m really good at pretending to be productive and organized. I keep a calendar that is color-coded and am the queen of lists, spreadsheets, and clean email inboxes – but it usually only sticks for a couple weeks. However, I have been on quite the streak lately and am doing really well with my new methods of organization and I’m really excited about it!
7. S&E – We both have slight obsessions with Beyonce & Jay-Z. Elyse wishes she were the former and Shianne the latter. We don’t know what it is about them, but the music, the style, the swag – it’s everything we adore…and more! We’re so jealz of baby Blue Ivy!

Our nominations:
1. Once in a Blue Spoon
2. Birds Feather Blog (Bonus! One of S’s good friends runs the blog! xO)
3. Love and Lace
4. Reflections of a Foodie
5. Hello Homebody
6. The Fashion Huntress
7. Chez Sasha
8. The Fancy Pants Report

So thank you again to Ms. Chris! And to everyone who reads our blog – we’ll try to keep it interesting for you all!

xO S&E

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PSA: Puppy Playtime Instagram

When we first started this blog, we warned you there may be posts like this….and we’ve been pretty good about hiding our obsession so far. But we HAD to take to the blog today for thisĀ public service announcement about the BEST.INSTAGRAM.EVER.Ā Usually we save Thursday posts for “What’s Getting Us Through the Week,” but I’ve been so obsessed with this Instagram that it’s basically the only thing I’ve even been doing all week anyway. And after showing it to Elyse, I’m pretty sure she feels the same.

Introducing: PUPPY PLAYTIME.


The pups! taken from puppyplaytime instagram!

I first discovered this page when I (perhaps mistakenly) searched #shibasofinstagram andĀ spentĀ about an hour looking at all the adorable Shiba pics! As you may know, Elyse and I are both proud Shiba owners and we just can’t get enough of em! The owner posts a few pics a day of both Axle the cuddly Shiba puppy andĀ Leeroy the goofy chocolate lab.

So if you’re on Instagram, you NEED to follow these two little guys! And if you’re not on Instagram…you need to get one for this reason at least! Can’t wait to see my little Shiba pup this weekend at home! šŸ™‚



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