Winter Makeup Shades: Berry

I’ve never really changed my makeup for the season, but this year I was inspired by a certain Indian actress who pulls off winter shades so perfectly I couldn’t help but want to try them out on my own half-Indian skin.

Obviously my inspiration was Mindy Kaling…


Can I just be her?

I’ve seen her sport the above lip color on her show, The Mindy Project, and I absolutely LOVED the look of it against her dark skin. Now, I’m definitely not as dark as her, but I think the color can be pulled off an any shade if done correctly! In fact, Elyse said she found a berry color she loves for her skin tone, too! So it’s definitely a trend for everyone.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may know that I’m obsessed with Sephora Color Lip Last so that was my obvious go-to. Since I’m so comfortable with the brand and product, it made trying such a bold color much less scary, because I knew I liked the way it looked and felt on my lips.


sporting berry lips & my fav new scarf from Zara!

Mine is a little more subtle, especially with the lighting in this picture, but it is a much deeper red than I’m used to and I’m definitely pleased with the way it looks on! It’s perfect for a night out, or even a day at the office if you keep the rest of your look basic.

After determining I loved the berry lip look, I branched out and purchased a berry blush and, no surprise, I love that too! The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s a cream blush. I have a much harder time putting this stuff on, and definitely prefer powder. The one pictured below is part of the Sephora Collection.

sephora blush

What are your favorite makeup tones & tips for winter?

xO – S

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Fall Foliage & Fashion: Our First Glossi!

Have you guys heard of Glossi? Well we just learned about it over here at Liberty on Less and it is so much fun! It’s basically just a new and cool way to display pictures and text. Here is our first go at it featuring some of our favorite fall fashion trends!

(Click to open the pages!)

Let us know if you like it and maybe we’ll have some more coming your way soon!

xX E&S

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Living Proof Hair Serum

GUYS. I finally found it! The product that ACTUALLY TAMES MY THICK, CURLY HAIR!!! This is not a drill. Go out and buy Living Proof Hair Serum right now.

(Please excuse the selfies in the post…but I felt that I couldn’t really illustrate how great it works without pictures!)

Having naturally curly/wavy hair is a blessing and a curse. Sure, it’s pretty and can easily be straightened if I want a change, but it is also so thick and sometimes out of control that I don’t even know what to do with it! And the frizz – it’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen!  I have tried everything from hairspray and expensive shampoo to debating more drastic measures like chopping or thinning it out. Thankfully, one of my good friends, Sophia, recently discovered Living Proof Hair Serum at Sephora and swore by it. I was hesitant, but she was convinced so I figured I’d give it a try. The name would be total overkill if it weren’t SO. COMPLETELY. TRUE.

Here are some pictures to prove it:


so shiny!


limited frizz and perfect waves!

It’s also really low maintenance – just pump some out and work through damp or even dry hair and alas! The perfectly tame, shiny, beachy waves all year around! Living proof is an absolute God send for me and I’m so glad I didn’t go the extreme route with a cut! It’s a little pricey – coming in at $29.99 a bottle – but it’ll last a long time and it’s definitely worth it if you’re like me and just can’t seem to control the frizz any other way! I’ve already been told by multiple coworkers that my hair looks particularly good lately and I have no doubt this is why!

What are some of your favorite hair products?

xO – S

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Lou Lou’s Sale!

Hey Guys!

If you’ve been to Georgetown, Dupont, Alexandria… just to name a few… then you’ve probably seen one of Lou Lou’s adorable accessory and now clothing stores popping up around the DMV. How can you go wrong, when the perfect statement necklace for work is only $15.50?

You can’t.

This weekend, the boutique is celebrating Lou Lou Day! There will be huge store wide sales, freebies, a stylist bar and FOOD. Also if you do end up purchasing anything (which you me) 15% of the days proceeds to go the Foundation for Women’s Cancer and The National Race to End Women’s Cancer.

Its THIS SATURDAY August 3rd..aka tomorrow!!

See you there!!


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Whats in Your Bag??

 There is something genuinely fascinating about getting a look into another bloggers/celebrity’s purse. I’m not sure why.. if its a weird voyeuristic tendency, or we’re just fascinated by what other people have, but sites such as US Weekly have been catching on the trend and I decided its unfair to look without sharing your own.

So here are the key items I have with me this week!

What do we have here....

What do we have here….

My bag is pretty small, and has only necessities as I was in the Big Apple last weekend and am off tonight to NH. But these items include :

1. Polar Ice Gum — No one likes coffee breath, even though coffee is a necessity for me in the am.
2.Extra Bobby Pins / hair tie / banana clip — for emergencies/laziness
3. Sun block — I’m super pale, get sunburned easily ( like this weekend) and read somewhere that even though I’m indoors I can still get burned from being near a window. I’m not giving up my view, but I may as well be protected!
4. Apartment Keys — Very important.
5. RayBan Aviators — someday I’ll start using a case for these guys, but they’re the only type of sunglasses I wear.
6. Gold Wallet – This wallet, from Lou Lou’s in Dupont Circle, may not be the most glamorous item but it is rather practical, not only does it switch easily from purse to purse, it also can be grabbed quickly and touched to the metro scanner without taking out your metro card. See that? Morning efficiency.
7. Ear buds, and iPhone (not pictured, as it was taking the picture) – For the walk, the metro ride, mid day… whatever
8. Lip Sticks – I don’t sport these daily, but if I moving from work to a happy hour, it I skimped on make up that day, these guys will do the trick to up a look. I especially like the plum wet and wild one.. hes my current fave!

Do you have anything special in your day to day purse? Snacks?

I’m actually in the market for a new bag.. but as you can see I only carry a few key items with me, so the hunt is still on!


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Review: Luna’s Hair Design

Although I have lived in DC for 10 months now (HOLY COW!) I have been resistant to getting a haircut here. I just don’t get them that often and the one I had was while I was at home. In New Hampshire the average haircut will run you $25 and if you jump up to $50 you’ll be getting the works! In DC.. that is not so much the case. Being on a post grad budget and having hair that requires no (its not thin, curly, dyed, keratin-ed etc)


Getting a little long…

I decided it was time for a change. It was too long, weighted down and not professional enough. But where to go?

After searching Yelp review’s, I found Luna’s Hair Design on P street right in Dupont Circle! And the end result??


excuse the selfie, it was originally intended for my mom.

My stylist was Alicia and I cannot say better things about her — she was quick (I was in and out with a wash cut and blow out in 30 minutes flat!), nice and listened to exactly what I wanted which is refreshing as sometimes stylists don’t.  The total came to $35 (an extra $5 for the blow dry) which I was very happy with and if you’re a student on Tuesdays and Thursdays they have a discount! I suggest paying in cash — they require tips be in cash as well as student discounted prices but they do accept major credit cards.


As you can see it was pretty quiet when I went yesterday at 2:00pm but the space is quaint and cozy. I highly suggest Luna’s if you’re looking for a salon in DC!


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Sephora Color Lip Last

Now that I’m an expert on grown-up makeup, I feel like I’m totally qualified to start doling out advice and tips (hah!). I’ve been told that I am not taking proper advantage of my dark skin tone because I don’t experiment with crazy lip color. Actually, I don’t experiment with lip color at all. I pretty much just stay neutral – it takes a lot for me to even break out the chap-stick.  But the reason I never wear lip color is because it smudges, comes off as soon as you eat, and I haven’t been able to find a product I like that provides color and moisturizes. It just hasn’t been worth all the fuss in my book…until now.


TA-DA! My new favorite thing in the world: Sephora Color Lip Last. I’ve been trying out several different products over the past few months, and this, BY FAR, is my favorite! It’s not quite as rough as lipstick, but also not the commitment of a lip stain…it’s more of a lip…cream. Either way, it is awesome. It comes in 25+ colors and is only $12 a pop! I started off with just the bright red, but I love it so much that I’ve already expanded my collection to include a neutral pink/nude, bright fuchsia, and coral. Next on my list is light pink – perfect for springtime! It stays on all day, and even through meals (though i do have to reapply a little sometimes). I absolutely love it for daily use – it adds a little pop without being crazy. It’s a little smudgey, but that’s only because the color is built to last long, so just be careful when applying!

Here are the shades from left to right in the picture above: 
Pure Red
Coral Calling
Royal Raspberry
Natural Pink




Coral Calling, Pure Red, Natural Pink, Royal Raspberry


Royal Raspbery, Coral Calling, Natural Pink, Pure Red

Overall, A+ from Sephora (shocker!) – this may be my favorite product yet! What are your favorite lip products and colors for spring?

xO -S

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