Weekend Wrap-Up: 4th of July

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! As it was my first Independence Day in DC, I can definitely say it was everything I imagined & more! First I should admit that a lot of these pictures are stolen from my friend Sophia whose phone takes ridiculously amazing pics – even in the dark! Luckily, she is nice enough to send them all to me so I can Instagram them to death and post them up here! You’ll also notice that I’ve recently learned some new picture tools and I maaaay have gone a little overboard…but it’s just so fun!


Sophia and I on the roof of my office – that’s the Capitol in the background 🙂


I started the 4th off at a BBQ with some old and new friends where we drank beer, played cornhole, and hung out up on the roof (classic!) and it was a lot of fun! I love being in a city full of young professionals – it seems like I’m always meeting new people, which is awesome! After a couple hours of hanging out there, Sophia and I walked over to my office for our Independence Day Celebration. This party was definitely as epic as it was described to be! We had Famous Dave’s catered food and specialty drinks named “Sunny Afternoon” and “A Walk in the Countryside” (I much preferred the first – but hey, it was an open bar so I had to try em both!). After mingling for a while and meeting everyone’s family & friends, it was time for fireworks. We had an INCREDIBLE view and the weather was perfect! Just when I think my job can’t get any better they throw this at me….


My 4th in review – pretty epic!

I was able to sleep in a little bit on Friday before my family came into town and I was in full-on tour guide mode! My oldest cousin had been to DC recently, but my other cousin, uncle, aunt, and her parents had never been so it was my duty to show them how amazing this city is – all in 2 days! It was especially important since my aunt’s parents were visiting all the way from INDIA….so I had to prove that America was as awesome as they believe it to be…and that DC isn’t always as much of a mess as it seems to be on the news! Due to the blistering heat and my guests’ restrictions, we decided that a walking tour was out of the question. So Saturday afternoon I finally got to go on one of those crazy Big Bus tours I’ve always secretly wanted to go on! We literally rode ALL OVER the city, taking stops at some of the more interesting locations to get a closer look. I wouldn’t recommend the tour to anyone able to walk, as it was expensive, but it was definitely worth the money for our group! Also – just note how adorable my cousins are in the picture below – presh!!

ultimate tourists!

ultimate tourists!

I hope that between all the BBQs and fireworks this weekend everyone had a chance to stop and think about what Independence Day is really about! Not to get too sentimental, but sometimes I really wonder how I got lucky enough to live in a country where freedom is cherished and celebrated. Having a father who was an immigrant and still having a lot of family overseas always helps me remember this point. Sure, every country has their issues – but I’d say we’ve got it pretty good over here and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!


Creed on what he would do if he won the lottery…anyone else miss this show as much as I do? (Thanks, E, for the link 🙂 )

An incredible weekend of family, friends, and fireworks – what more could you want in life?

xO – S

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One thought on “Weekend Wrap-Up: 4th of July

  1. Great photos! I love the Fourth 🙂

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