Whats in Your Bag??

 There is something genuinely fascinating about getting a look into another bloggers/celebrity’s purse. I’m not sure why.. if its a weird voyeuristic tendency, or we’re just fascinated by what other people have, but sites such as US Weekly have been catching on the trend and I decided its unfair to look without sharing your own.

So here are the key items I have with me this week!

What do we have here....

What do we have here….

My bag is pretty small, and has only necessities as I was in the Big Apple last weekend and am off tonight to NH. But these items include :

1. Polar Ice Gum — No one likes coffee breath, even though coffee is a necessity for me in the am.
2.Extra Bobby Pins / hair tie / banana clip — for emergencies/laziness
3. Sun block — I’m super pale, get sunburned easily ( like this weekend) and read somewhere that even though I’m indoors I can still get burned from being near a window. I’m not giving up my view, but I may as well be protected!
4. Apartment Keys — Very important.
5. RayBan Aviators — someday I’ll start using a case for these guys, but they’re the only type of sunglasses I wear.
6. Gold Wallet – This wallet, from Lou Lou’s in Dupont Circle, may not be the most glamorous item but it is rather practical, not only does it switch easily from purse to purse, it also can be grabbed quickly and touched to the metro scanner without taking out your metro card. See that? Morning efficiency.
7. Ear buds, and iPhone (not pictured, as it was taking the picture) – For the walk, the metro ride, mid day… whatever
8. Lip Sticks – I don’t sport these daily, but if I moving from work to a happy hour, it I skimped on make up that day, these guys will do the trick to up a look. I especially like the plum wet and wild one.. hes my current fave!

Do you have anything special in your day to day purse? Snacks?

I’m actually in the market for a new bag.. but as you can see I only carry a few key items with me, so the hunt is still on!


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2 thoughts on “Whats in Your Bag??

  1. My bag is more like “What’s Not In Your Bag”

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