Summer Trend: NEON

I can’t believe it’s already summer! Or, at least it is in DC. With temperatures up towards 90 consistently, I’m ditching the spring gear completely and gearing up for a long, hot DC summer! And I’m doing it with the help of a few bright new wardrobe additions.
I’m not usually one for fashion trends, but I’ve been trying to branch out and embrace some new things lately and one thing I’ve noticed this summer is NEON EVERYWHERE. And it makes perfect sense – when else could you wear electric green or hot pink and get away with it? Only in summer. Sure, too much neon can hurt your eyes, but when styled properly it can create a fun and fresh new look. Here are some of the products I’ve got my eye on for the season:
Neons for Summer
Neons look great with a nice tan and are just plain fun!You can mix them together or use them as an accent to a simple, solid outfit.  Some of these products are kinda a splurge – but I tried to keep it semi-reasonable and most of these stores have some pretty great sales so there’s definite potential to get a great deal.
Will you be indulging in some neon this summer?
xO -S
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2 thoughts on “Summer Trend: NEON

  1. oh, i posted a neon collection last week if you like to check it 😉

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