DC Date Night!

If you’re currently attached, you know that dates in D.C. come in a multitude of flavors. If you’re single, I know you’ve been tindering, OKCupid-ing and meeting cute people on the metro so this applies to you too!

D.C. has the wonderful plus that it is young, fun and people tend to still be a wee bit southern so dates are still the norm. Lets say you’re past the part of just drinks, and dinner and a movie is just so..blah.

As someone who’s been living the DC couple life for almost a year now, let me say that summer is the BEST time for fun and different date ideas..and if no date are around they’re equally if not more fun with your friends!

So I give you —

my top summer date ideas:

1. Boating. I don’t mean you go on your significant others yacht, although if that’s an option by all means jump on that..and invite me! You’ll notice tons of paddle boats in the tidal basin and kayaks in the Potomac around this time of year and they’re completely rent-able! Jacks *Ahem* I mean now the “Key Bridge” Boat house is  right off of the main drag in Georgetown and offers hours of rental options. They have two person kayaks.. if you two can coordinate. But lets be honest, racing and a little competition makes the date more fun anyways.

I see my office in this picture!

2. Biking. If you remember my Capitol Bike Share post you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of this. I think I’ll be buying a capitol bike share membership for the summer so I can cruise around as I please! But the monuments at night.. seriously perfect date.

not a great photo but you get the idea

3. Free movies in the park. Many of the D.C. neighborhoods, especially some of the newly transitioning ones offer free movies on the grass for people to come down and enjoy.

There is :

Screen on the Green
Noma Summer Screen
and my personal favorite (mostly because they have that awesome ice skating rink during the winter)
Capitol Waterfront Movies

4. H Street Country Club Mini Golf. I mentioned this here.

Just some ideas! Have any of your own? Let me know and I’ll give it a try.


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3 thoughts on “DC Date Night!

  1. I’ve been to DC twice and unfortunately, I didn’t get any substantial picture of what it’s really like. I think it’s ’cause I took the metro a lot and didn’t really walk, which I think is the only way to get to know a city well. Better luck next time I guess, especially since I have you to consult now 🙂

    • You definitely have to come back! The weather is great in fall/spring and there’s so much to do! Let us know when you come back and we’ll give you tons of insider tips 🙂

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