What’s gettin us through da weeeeeeeeeek!

It’s Thursday and we’re gettin’ a little loopy around here (if you couldn’t tell)…here’s what’s been getting us through to this point in the week without losin’ it!

Elyse says…


This week, there is a cold going around my “cuber-hood” (I didn’t coin that term, but I secretly think its adorable). It starts out sniffly, then moves to your head feeling like its filled with gunk and finally you pass out for 3 days straight. If you feel it coming on, QUICK.. grab one of these juice secrets because they are AMAZING.
I was feeling miserable on Monday but felt that taking a sick day was not an option, so I dragged myself to the office and around 10:00am realized that I needed something in my stomach along w. Alkaseltzer (another life saver) and that maybe regular OJ wasn’t enough. Strolling through the cafeteria I wandered upon these Naked Juices, and THIS guy promised 1000% of my daily Vitamin C, specifically to fight off a cold. Talk about good advertising!Its totally delicious, with whole fruits, no preservatives and a whole apple, 1.5 guavas, a whole orange, 5 strawberries and a few other things blended in there. I really didn’t think anything would bring to me life, but I’m actually sort of addicted based on taste and based on how much better I felt after drinking it!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Try one of these guys and you’ll get an Apple and WAY more.

Shianne says..


Scandal (2012) Poster

The universe officially wins. I surrender. SO many people have been telling me to watch this show for  SO long and I’ve been holding out. But as this week is that awkward time after the spring shows end and before the summer shows begin, I’ve been looking for something to watch & help me wind down in the evenings. Needless to say, I’m addicted to Scandal! It’s based in DC and all the drama that surrounds politics…aka it was made for people like me! I’m not even going to write anymore because I need to use my computer to continue watching…

& we both agree on…

We’ve got nothing! To be honest, our schedules have conflicted so much in the past few weeks we haven’t even seen each other! And on top of that, Elyse was sick and I strained whatever muscle is in my calf so I did not want to be walking around much after work hours either…fail! But hopefully we get our acts together this weekend and there may be another live blog sesh coming at ya!

What’s helping you get through your week?

Xo – E&S

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2 thoughts on “What’s gettin us through da weeeeeeeeeek!

  1. I adore the Naked drinks, the strawberry banana is my favorite!

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