Summer Work Skirts

This memorial day weekend was completely bi-polar. It was raining one minute and freezing and then hot and humid the next! This probably means that the end of the  spring is upon us and summer is right around the corner…oh the humidity……..

In the mean time, its become painfully aware that I’m very poorly prepared for the summer and work fashion. My new office has a mixed work clothes policy, one day we’re in suits and the next we’re casual so most of these fall into the casual bracket, but they can be mixed in with suits and jackets depending on their length and brightness (I’m talking to you neon green).

These are some of the inspiring summer styles I’ve seen coworkers wearing this week, and that I hope to get into my closet ASAP!

summer skirts

If you commute on the metro like me, I’d suggest staying away from cotton. Its so airy but it will get wrinkled with all those sweaty commuters and when you sit at your desk all day it will flatten and need to be ironed again too soon.

Finally if you remember last years summer storms, you’ll know that the rain will continue to come all summer in the form of MAJOR storms. My roommate introduced me to these adorable rain flats —

too cute and completely waterproof!

These OKA b. flats, found on their website here are socially conscious, come in a million colors, are super comfy and are the perfect commuter shoe rain or shine!

What are your summer must haves for the working world? Let us know!!


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One thought on “Summer Work Skirts

  1. These are so fun and fresh for summer! I wear more skirts and heels since it isn’t slick or muddy. I also like to sport cardigans because my office is cold.

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