PSA: Puppy Playtime Instagram

When we first started this blog, we warned you there may be posts like this….and we’ve been pretty good about hiding our obsession so far. But we HAD to take to the blog today for this public service announcement about the BEST.INSTAGRAM.EVER. Usually we save Thursday posts for “What’s Getting Us Through the Week,” but I’ve been so obsessed with this Instagram that it’s basically the only thing I’ve even been doing all week anyway. And after showing it to Elyse, I’m pretty sure she feels the same.

Introducing: PUPPY PLAYTIME.


The pups! taken from puppyplaytime instagram!

I first discovered this page when I (perhaps mistakenly) searched #shibasofinstagram and spent about an hour looking at all the adorable Shiba pics! As you may know, Elyse and I are both proud Shiba owners and we just can’t get enough of em! The owner posts a few pics a day of both Axle the cuddly Shiba puppy and Leeroy the goofy chocolate lab.

So if you’re on Instagram, you NEED to follow these two little guys! And if you’re not on Instagram…you need to get one for this reason at least! Can’t wait to see my little Shiba pup this weekend at home! 🙂



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One thought on “PSA: Puppy Playtime Instagram

  1. I’m obsessed with dogs in general: love them all! I lost my beloved fury son a month ago to renal disease and I’m still so heartbroken :,( But looking at pups just makes me smile 🙂

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