Preakness 2013!

This past weekend I had the exciting opportunity to head up to Baltimore for the famous Preakness race at Pimlico track!

The Preakness is part of the triple crown races, and while we may have originally been interested in the horses, it also comes with drinks, food carts, and concerts…so many concerts.

Now you may be expecting to see bright colors and big hats, but that was not the case for us in the infield  Infield fest is quite literally, the center of the track, but with all you can drink deals and tons of mud it gets pretty sloppy. There used to be people doing runs across the porta-potty lines (youtube it) but now its more in control and people from the grandstands flock in for the concert lineups.

Friday was an all day event, but some of us have to work.. so around 3 I loaded up my car with the boys and we hit the road only to get stuck in 2 hours of DC/Baltimore traffic. When we finally arrived, we quickly headed to the tracks for some Goo Goo Dolls action:

so close yet so far!!

We then went back to our friends apartment in Federal Hill. I’ll admit I really had not spent anytime in Baltimore previously but it was super nice! Similar to D.C. they have tons of row houses but unlike DC they have roofs with awesome views!

notice the main city and Camden yards

Day two was a bit more intense.. we arrived around 10am to the tracks ready for some concerts. The line up was Afrojack, Florida Georgia Line, Macklemore& Ryan Lewis and Pitbull (swoon)!

Main stage, note all the green “all you can drink” cups. It got a littttle sloppy..

Afrojack! A bit early for that music but it was a good time

Macklemore climbing a speaker…

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Also, we got to bet! This is my friends ticket but based solely on his name I chose “its my lucky day” to come in the top two and he did! Woo $$$$!!

run baby run!

Aside from the rain it was an awesome experience! Next time I may try a grandstand seat instead, but definitely worth putting on your to-do list. Also make sure to get a Black Eyed Susan for me!


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3 thoughts on “Preakness 2013!

  1. looks so fun! i’m obsessed with florida georgia line, macklemore + ryan lewis, and pitbull.

    • I gotta say that Macklemore was amazing! He kept the crowd entertained and mixed in well known songs and some older ones. Pitbull just dances and does his part of Remix’s only but it was still awesome!!

  2. ahh, so jealous! have you seen this video from NPR? the entire video is about 15 min (he performed three songs total), but here’s 4 min of it 🙂

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