Doughnut Daze: New Food Trend

Elyse informed me a couple weeks ago that cupcakes are no longer a thing…though I was skeptical at first, thinking that no one could ever take away the public’s love for gourmet cupcakes, I finally accepted their fate after reading this Wall Street Journal Article about the decline of the cupcake market.

However, I didn’t stay sad for long once I found out that gourmet DOUGHNUTS were taking their place. This is apparently the new dessert trend in the food market…and I am not mad about it at all.  A new shop called Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken just opened up downtown and I got the chance to visit yesterday on my day off.


Outside the shop…smaller than I thought!

It’s not an actual restaurant like I had imagined, more of a grab-and-go station…but I kinda liked it that way. It’s like the best fast food joint you’ve ever been to. We each got a doughnut to try and were finished with them before we even reached the White House (except me, the slowest eater on the planet).


Most of us couldn’t resist the Salted Caramel Almond

There were all different flavors – everything from vanilla and chocolate glaze to bacon! I didn’t want to get too crazy on my first trip, so I went with the Salted Caramel Almond…and I was not disappointed! In fact, it was even better than I had imagined. The almonds were the perfect addition and it was JUST the right combo of salt and caramel.



I know there are SO MANY options of places to eat in DC…and sometimes that means just sticking to your personal favorites…but I promise you, it is worth branching out this time! Astro Doughnuts stands out among all the DC restaurants as unique, fun, and fast – without giving up being delicious! I’ll definitely be returning soon to try the other part of the menu – fried chicken. I saw a sriracha flavor that I won’t be able to resist for long! 🙂 I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the DC area…or looking up the nearest Gourmet doughnut shop wherever you’re at!

xO -S

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4 thoughts on “Doughnut Daze: New Food Trend

  1. Yes! I love the new doughtnut craze. Makes me wants to take a trip to DC this summer!

  2. This looks amazing, I love doughnuts!

  3. Oh my these look delicious!

    I can’t help but wonder though why “Fried Chicken” in the business name? lol
    Do they have fried chicken donughts?!

    • haha! I don’t think they serve them together….but in addition to doughnuts they serve fried chicken…kind of a weird combo…but I like it!

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