What’s getting us through the week!

We’re baaaaaaaack!

 After a 2 week hiatus from our weekly segment of what’s getting us through the week – we’re back today with a little inspiration for everyone to make it through the end of tomorrow! Here’s what’s been helping us this week:

Elyse Says…

 1. Finishing Powder 

For my new job I have to take the metro to work..between the trek up the hill from my apartment, the wind from the metro cars flying by as they pull into the station and the sweaty crowded people on the morning red line I have renewed my faith in finishing powder. If you don’t know what it is, its the translucent powder that goes over your entire make up — and holds it in place while reducing shine and being blown off by the elements of public transportation. It also prevents bronzer from looking a little too bronze especially on pale people like me. I use maybelline because I’m a drug store make up kind of girl but anything that suits your fancy will work! A must for the summer!

2. Free Office Candy

You know that weird time at work– around 3:30 where you’re mostly through the day but you still have a few hours to go and your stomach is grumbling since you just woke up from your post lunch food coma? Well the new office offers a free candy bar — FREE CANDY. its like they just know to call to my inner child. If you went to Rochester– its basically the common market and its constantly being restocked. Yesterdays Haul? Chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered animal crackers. I like to think that it will be off set by all the stair climbing I’ve been doing recently. We’ll see..

Shianne Says…

1. Veggie Straws – Zesty Ranch

I honestly had never heard of these things before I stumbled upon them in Target last week…but I’m officially hooked. They are so delicious and are the perfect supplement to my lunch sandwich or soup! I’ve brought a ziplock bag full everyday this week. The best part is, they’re fairly healthy…at least moreso than other snack products! But they’re also really tasty..highly recommend!

2. Blake Shelton – “Boys ‘Round Here”

Blake Shelton is one of my FAVORITE singers of all time and this song is just hysterical.  It’s so fun and silly that you literally CAN NOT be upset while listening to it. It’s physically impossible. I dare you to try. And the video is even better – check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXAgv665J14

 & we agree on…

New Opportunities

View from the new office on a rainy day!

As you know, Elyse started her new job this week and it’s been going great so far! It’s more relevant to her career goals, has a great culture and atmosphere, and she’s already learning a lot! As for me, I’ve just been assigned my very first event to be the lead on! It’s a small trip to Gettysburg, PA – but I’m really excited to learn more about the front-end processes of event planning!

That being said, it’s been a crazy and busy week for the both of us – as new opportunities can seem like tough obstacles at first. But if you look at things the right way and have a positive attitude, you’ll definitely be able to succeed…and think of how much you’ll learn along the way! Here’s to hoping we both stay on this adrenaline high for a little longer!

What’s helping you get through the week?

Xx E&S

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6 thoughts on “What’s getting us through the week!

  1. My Keurig that I took to work really really helps on those days where I just don’t want to deal with things.

  2. hahah! i love your free candy point!
    kw ladies in navy

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