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Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich

So I’ve officially discovered the easiest and most delicious breakfast sandwich ever. It’s a strawberry and creamcheese sandwich and in addition to being simple, filling, and yummy, it’s also apparently pretty healthy! (Always nice when that happens, isn’t it!)

Here’s what you’ll need:
– Bread
– Cream Cheese
– Strawberries
(yep…that’s it!)




I won’t bore you with the finer details of it…cause the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. And I guess it doesn’t have to be limited to just breakfast…now that I think about it, it could make a great & healthy snack..hmmm so many options.

So little work…so much reward. So, sure, every now and then it’ll be nice to have a little meat and eggs on a sandwich, but for most days – this is going to be my new go-to!


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What’s gettin us through da weeeeeeeeeek!

It’s Thursday and we’re gettin’ a little loopy around here (if you couldn’t tell)…here’s what’s been getting us through to this point in the week without losin’ it!

Elyse says…


This week, there is a cold going around my “cuber-hood” (I didn’t coin that term, but I secretly think its adorable). It starts out sniffly, then moves to your head feeling like its filled with gunk and finally you pass out for 3 days straight. If you feel it coming on, QUICK.. grab one of these juice secrets because they are AMAZING.
I was feeling miserable on Monday but felt that taking a sick day was not an option, so I dragged myself to the office and around 10:00am realized that I needed something in my stomach along w. Alkaseltzer (another life saver) and that maybe regular OJ wasn’t enough. Strolling through the cafeteria I wandered upon these Naked Juices, and THIS guy promised 1000% of my daily Vitamin C, specifically to fight off a cold. Talk about good advertising!Its totally delicious, with whole fruits, no preservatives and a whole apple, 1.5 guavas, a whole orange, 5 strawberries and a few other things blended in there. I really didn’t think anything would bring to me life, but I’m actually sort of addicted based on taste and based on how much better I felt after drinking it!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Try one of these guys and you’ll get an Apple and WAY more.

Shianne says..


Scandal (2012) Poster

The universe officially wins. I surrender. SO many people have been telling me to watch this show for  SO long and I’ve been holding out. But as this week is that awkward time after the spring shows end and before the summer shows begin, I’ve been looking for something to watch & help me wind down in the evenings. Needless to say, I’m addicted to Scandal! It’s based in DC and all the drama that surrounds politics…aka it was made for people like me! I’m not even going to write anymore because I need to use my computer to continue watching…

& we both agree on…

We’ve got nothing! To be honest, our schedules have conflicted so much in the past few weeks we haven’t even seen each other! And on top of that, Elyse was sick and I strained whatever muscle is in my calf so I did not want to be walking around much after work hours either…fail! But hopefully we get our acts together this weekend and there may be another live blog sesh coming at ya!

What’s helping you get through your week?

Xo – E&S

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Summer Work Skirts

This memorial day weekend was completely bi-polar. It was raining one minute and freezing and then hot and humid the next! This probably means that the end of the  spring is upon us and summer is right around the corner…oh the humidity……..

In the mean time, its become painfully aware that I’m very poorly prepared for the summer and work fashion. My new office has a mixed work clothes policy, one day we’re in suits and the next we’re casual so most of these fall into the casual bracket, but they can be mixed in with suits and jackets depending on their length and brightness (I’m talking to you neon green).

These are some of the inspiring summer styles I’ve seen coworkers wearing this week, and that I hope to get into my closet ASAP!

summer skirts

If you commute on the metro like me, I’d suggest staying away from cotton. Its so airy but it will get wrinkled with all those sweaty commuters and when you sit at your desk all day it will flatten and need to be ironed again too soon.

Finally if you remember last years summer storms, you’ll know that the rain will continue to come all summer in the form of MAJOR storms. My roommate introduced me to these adorable rain flats —

too cute and completely waterproof!

These OKA b. flats, found on their website here are socially conscious, come in a million colors, are super comfy and are the perfect commuter shoe rain or shine!

What are your summer must haves for the working world? Let us know!!


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Inside Out Chocolate Cookies

It’s been a while since I posted my last recipe – not because I haven’t been baking…but mostly because I’ve been baking for specific occasions that require me to use some of my old favorites, and I therefore haven’t been experimenting with any new recipes. But this week when I did want something new, I took to some of my favorite baking blogs in the search of something chocolatey and simple. I searched and searched, until I again found myself on Sally’s Baking Addiction and came across these TO DIE FOR Inside Out Chocolate Chip cookies. I wish I could find recipes elsewhere, but I can’t find anything as fun and easy! And why fix what isn’t broken…so I’ll continue to turn to Sally when looking for something fun and new to try…and you should too 🙂



This is also the first recipe I’m posting using my new Kitchen Aid…which I am OBSESSED with! Not only is it a gorgeous bright red color, but it also makes baking SO.MUCH.EASIER. I don’t know what I didn’t take the plunge earlier!


Ain’t she a beaut?

So here’s what you’ll need:
– 1/2 cup (1 stick) softened butter
– 1/2 sugar
– 1/2 cup brown sugar
– 1 egg
– 1 1/2 tbsp vanilla
– 1 cup flour
– 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
– 1 tsp baking soda
– 2 tbsp milk
– 1/4 tbsp salt
– 1 1/2 cup white chocolate chips


1. Cream the butter
2. Mix in both sugars
3. Beat in egg & vanilla


4. In a separate bowl, mix together flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt
5. Slowly add to the wet ingredients with mixer on low
6. Dough should be thick 0 stir in milk as needed
7. Fold in chocolate chips


8. Roll dough into small balls and place into tray
9. Place dough in fridge or freezer for anywhere from 2-24 hours
[Note: I roll the dough into balls before freezing so they don’t get warm again from my body heat after the chilling period]


[Note: Like Sally always says, chilling the dough is mandatory! It makes the cookies come out fluffy and thick, rather than flat and crispy.]
10. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
11. Place in oven for 7-10 minutes or until soft
12. Let cookies cool on tray for several minutes
13. Eat & enjoy!


Stacks on stacks on stacks of noms


fudgey delicious insides

I’ve already made 3 batches of these….YES, THREE! That is how good they are…I’ve been giving them out left and right and can’t wait to take some home to my family tomorrow. They’re all big chocolate lovers so they’re not usually that impressed with my vanilla, cake batter, and strawberry concoctions….so now it’s my turn to finally get to them with these fudgey balls of joy!

Happy baking!



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PSA: Puppy Playtime Instagram

When we first started this blog, we warned you there may be posts like this….and we’ve been pretty good about hiding our obsession so far. But we HAD to take to the blog today for this public service announcement about the BEST.INSTAGRAM.EVER. Usually we save Thursday posts for “What’s Getting Us Through the Week,” but I’ve been so obsessed with this Instagram that it’s basically the only thing I’ve even been doing all week anyway. And after showing it to Elyse, I’m pretty sure she feels the same.

Introducing: PUPPY PLAYTIME.


The pups! taken from puppyplaytime instagram!

I first discovered this page when I (perhaps mistakenly) searched #shibasofinstagram and spent about an hour looking at all the adorable Shiba pics! As you may know, Elyse and I are both proud Shiba owners and we just can’t get enough of em! The owner posts a few pics a day of both Axle the cuddly Shiba puppy and Leeroy the goofy chocolate lab.

So if you’re on Instagram, you NEED to follow these two little guys! And if you’re not on Instagram…you need to get one for this reason at least! Can’t wait to see my little Shiba pup this weekend at home! 🙂



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Preakness 2013!

This past weekend I had the exciting opportunity to head up to Baltimore for the famous Preakness race at Pimlico track!

The Preakness is part of the triple crown races, and while we may have originally been interested in the horses, it also comes with drinks, food carts, and concerts…so many concerts.

Now you may be expecting to see bright colors and big hats, but that was not the case for us in the infield  Infield fest is quite literally, the center of the track, but with all you can drink deals and tons of mud it gets pretty sloppy. There used to be people doing runs across the porta-potty lines (youtube it) but now its more in control and people from the grandstands flock in for the concert lineups.

Friday was an all day event, but some of us have to work.. so around 3 I loaded up my car with the boys and we hit the road only to get stuck in 2 hours of DC/Baltimore traffic. When we finally arrived, we quickly headed to the tracks for some Goo Goo Dolls action:

so close yet so far!!

We then went back to our friends apartment in Federal Hill. I’ll admit I really had not spent anytime in Baltimore previously but it was super nice! Similar to D.C. they have tons of row houses but unlike DC they have roofs with awesome views!

notice the main city and Camden yards

Day two was a bit more intense.. we arrived around 10am to the tracks ready for some concerts. The line up was Afrojack, Florida Georgia Line, Macklemore& Ryan Lewis and Pitbull (swoon)!

Main stage, note all the green “all you can drink” cups. It got a littttle sloppy..

Afrojack! A bit early for that music but it was a good time

Macklemore climbing a speaker…

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Also, we got to bet! This is my friends ticket but based solely on his name I chose “its my lucky day” to come in the top two and he did! Woo $$$$!!

run baby run!

Aside from the rain it was an awesome experience! Next time I may try a grandstand seat instead, but definitely worth putting on your to-do list. Also make sure to get a Black Eyed Susan for me!


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What’s Getting Us Through the Week!

It’s almost Friday! Is it me, or has this week been kinda short? Oh wait, I forgot I only had a 3-day week 🙂 hehe. Even though I’ve had some time off this week, we all still need something to get us through & keep us motivated – here’s what Elyse and I have been using to keep us going all week!

Shianne says…

1. Family

My lovely fam at Nishant’s graduation last year!

As you all know, Mother’s Day was last Sunday and I was lucky enough to have my mom and brother drive down from PA last weekend to spend some time with me! It was so nice because we didn’t do the normal touristy run-around-the-city-non-stop thing….we just hung out and relaxed like we would if we were all at home in Pottstown! With all the stress from trying to find an affordable apartment in this crazy town, my ever reliable and laid-back mom is the only one keeping me sane! AND this weekend, I drive up to Rochester to see my dad – aka the older, male, slightly crazier version of me! I’m a total daddy’s girl, so I can’t wait to get some good father-daughter time in!

2. Politics

This is where my true DC-girl comes out! I CANNOT stop reading about everything going on this week! Benghazi, the IRS scandal, AP – it goes on and on! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what will happen with each of these stories. I’m so passionate about politics that actually LIVING in DC and working in this sector at a time like this just makes me think about how awesome my life is and how lucky I am to be right in the thick of things with a chance to make a difference.

Elyse says…

1. Gummy Vitamins

I can’t remember if I’ve discussed these before, but when you’re working long days, taking public transportation and staying awake off of coffee only 2 of these little guys a day will be a GAME changer. Seriously they perk me up like a flower. Also fun fact, if you take them when you get home from a night of partying with some water before going to sleep your hangover will be almost non-existent. Well worth their little weight in gold!!

2. Office Decorations


Found this gem in our supply closet – so tacky but adds so much character! -S

If you’ve seen my room, you’ll know that I’m not the type of person who comes into a space and instantly make it their own i.e. pictures on the walls, little knick knacks everywhere etc. I want to be that person, I’m just not. Infact last year my college room had like NOTHING on the walls. It was downright weird in retrospect.
Everyone in the new office has CRAZY decorated desks… there are even flags coming from the ceiling if you really LOVE your sports team. I think it’s a bit early for me to be decorating, but they did leave me a star golden banner thing! And in the mean time I’m figuring out slowly what I want to get or bring to make my space my own. So far…a mug that holds my pens. Little steps people! Do you think that having your space personalized helps you work? Any suggestions??
[S: I AM that kind of person! It’s so nice to have decorations around the office to make it a more comfortable and fun environment! And it helps people get to know more about you!]

& we both agree on…

Moleskine Products


My Moleskine notebook for work & personcal calendar on top! – S

Our post last week stated that we both have new opportunities at work – Elyse a new job completely, and me an opportunity to be lead on my first event! However, that meant that this week we both really had to kick into gear and get our acts together. We’ve both started/restarted using moleskine products to keep us organized and it’s been AH-MAZ-ING. As you can see, I’m kind of the queen of list making…but it works! Once you find a product you like, it’s so much easier to stick to using it and to make a habit of being organized!

What do you use to keep motivated & organized throughout the week?

xO S&E

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Doughnut Daze: New Food Trend

Elyse informed me a couple weeks ago that cupcakes are no longer a thing…though I was skeptical at first, thinking that no one could ever take away the public’s love for gourmet cupcakes, I finally accepted their fate after reading this Wall Street Journal Article about the decline of the cupcake market.

However, I didn’t stay sad for long once I found out that gourmet DOUGHNUTS were taking their place. This is apparently the new dessert trend in the food market…and I am not mad about it at all.  A new shop called Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken just opened up downtown and I got the chance to visit yesterday on my day off.


Outside the shop…smaller than I thought!

It’s not an actual restaurant like I had imagined, more of a grab-and-go station…but I kinda liked it that way. It’s like the best fast food joint you’ve ever been to. We each got a doughnut to try and were finished with them before we even reached the White House (except me, the slowest eater on the planet).


Most of us couldn’t resist the Salted Caramel Almond

There were all different flavors – everything from vanilla and chocolate glaze to bacon! I didn’t want to get too crazy on my first trip, so I went with the Salted Caramel Almond…and I was not disappointed! In fact, it was even better than I had imagined. The almonds were the perfect addition and it was JUST the right combo of salt and caramel.



I know there are SO MANY options of places to eat in DC…and sometimes that means just sticking to your personal favorites…but I promise you, it is worth branching out this time! Astro Doughnuts stands out among all the DC restaurants as unique, fun, and fast – without giving up being delicious! I’ll definitely be returning soon to try the other part of the menu – fried chicken. I saw a sriracha flavor that I won’t be able to resist for long! 🙂 I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the DC area…or looking up the nearest Gourmet doughnut shop wherever you’re at!

xO -S

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What’s getting us through the week!

We’re baaaaaaaack!

 After a 2 week hiatus from our weekly segment of what’s getting us through the week – we’re back today with a little inspiration for everyone to make it through the end of tomorrow! Here’s what’s been helping us this week:

Elyse Says…

 1. Finishing Powder 

For my new job I have to take the metro to work..between the trek up the hill from my apartment, the wind from the metro cars flying by as they pull into the station and the sweaty crowded people on the morning red line I have renewed my faith in finishing powder. If you don’t know what it is, its the translucent powder that goes over your entire make up — and holds it in place while reducing shine and being blown off by the elements of public transportation. It also prevents bronzer from looking a little too bronze especially on pale people like me. I use maybelline because I’m a drug store make up kind of girl but anything that suits your fancy will work! A must for the summer!

2. Free Office Candy

You know that weird time at work– around 3:30 where you’re mostly through the day but you still have a few hours to go and your stomach is grumbling since you just woke up from your post lunch food coma? Well the new office offers a free candy bar — FREE CANDY. its like they just know to call to my inner child. If you went to Rochester– its basically the common market and its constantly being restocked. Yesterdays Haul? Chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered animal crackers. I like to think that it will be off set by all the stair climbing I’ve been doing recently. We’ll see..

Shianne Says…

1. Veggie Straws – Zesty Ranch

I honestly had never heard of these things before I stumbled upon them in Target last week…but I’m officially hooked. They are so delicious and are the perfect supplement to my lunch sandwich or soup! I’ve brought a ziplock bag full everyday this week. The best part is, they’re fairly healthy…at least moreso than other snack products! But they’re also really tasty..highly recommend!

2. Blake Shelton – “Boys ‘Round Here”

Blake Shelton is one of my FAVORITE singers of all time and this song is just hysterical.  It’s so fun and silly that you literally CAN NOT be upset while listening to it. It’s physically impossible. I dare you to try. And the video is even better – check it out here:

 & we agree on…

New Opportunities

View from the new office on a rainy day!

As you know, Elyse started her new job this week and it’s been going great so far! It’s more relevant to her career goals, has a great culture and atmosphere, and she’s already learning a lot! As for me, I’ve just been assigned my very first event to be the lead on! It’s a small trip to Gettysburg, PA – but I’m really excited to learn more about the front-end processes of event planning!

That being said, it’s been a crazy and busy week for the both of us – as new opportunities can seem like tough obstacles at first. But if you look at things the right way and have a positive attitude, you’ll definitely be able to succeed…and think of how much you’ll learn along the way! Here’s to hoping we both stay on this adrenaline high for a little longer!

What’s helping you get through the week?

Xx E&S

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Pesto Pasta with Turkey Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

A whole week S and I have been MIA — so sorry dearest followers!

Between a new job, crazy life things etc we’ve been a little out of touch sans a shopping adventure on Sunday so here is a quick post of what I made for dinner last weekend!

Do you ever stroll through your local market trying to come up with things and coming up with nothing? Chicken happens to often, steak sounds complex and just plain old pasta or a frozen meal doesn’t sound appealing in the slightest. But ah-ha! You recall that you have the pinterest app on your phone and there must have been something useful that you pinned awhile back, right?

This is what caused me to make Pesto Pasta with Turkey Sausage and Brussels Sprouts — a combo that I would never come up with on my own and yet it is incredibly easy and delicious!



You will need:

1 lb fresh brussels sprouts, ends trimmed and any yellowed/browned outer leaves removed, then sliced in half
3 Tbsp. olive oil, divided
1/2 tsp. Kosher salt
1/2 tsp. freshly-ground black pepper

(to be fair I replaced the salt and pepper part with Camp Mix!)

1 lb (16 oz.) your favorite pasta
4 Turkey sausage links (I used Sweet Italian), sliced into 1/4″ thick coins
5 cloves garlic, peeled and thinly sliced
1/3 cup pesto — add more to taste
Parmesan cheese, for serving


1. Do you remember my Brussels Sprouts side dish recipe? Do that exactly except cut them in half instead of in quarters.

2. While those are in the oven heat the remaining olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add the sausage and cook, turning occasionally, until nearly-browned, about 6-8 minutes. Add the garlic, and continue cooking for another 1-2 minutes until the garlic is fragrant and the sausage is browned. Then cut the sausage into 1/4 thick coins and brown edges

3. Cook the pasta according to the package directions. (I begin heating my water while preparing the brussels sprouts, and added the pasta to the boiling water just after beginning to cook the sausage.)

4. Once the pasta is cooked, toss together the pasta, pesto, cooked sausage and garlic, and Brussels sprouts. Add more pesto if desired.

5. Serve warm, and sprinkle with freshly-grated Parmesan cheese. (Wine helps too!)

Tada! Wonderful flavor and takes about 20 minutes in total.



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