Sephora Color Lip Last

Now that I’m an expert on grown-up makeup, I feel like I’m totally qualified to start doling out advice and tips (hah!). I’ve been told that I am not taking proper advantage of my dark skin tone because I don’t experiment with crazy lip color. Actually, I don’t experiment with lip color at all. I pretty much just stay neutral – it takes a lot for me to even break out the chap-stick.  But the reason I never wear lip color is because it smudges, comes off as soon as you eat, and I haven’t been able to find a product I like that provides color and moisturizes. It just hasn’t been worth all the fuss in my book…until now.


TA-DA! My new favorite thing in the world: Sephora Color Lip Last. I’ve been trying out several different products over the past few months, and this, BY FAR, is my favorite! It’s not quite as rough as lipstick, but also not the commitment of a lip stain…it’s more of a lip…cream. Either way, it is awesome. It comes in 25+ colors and is only $12 a pop! I started off with just the bright red, but I love it so much that I’ve already expanded my collection to include a neutral pink/nude, bright fuchsia, and coral. Next on my list is light pink – perfect for springtime! It stays on all day, and even through meals (though i do have to reapply a little sometimes). I absolutely love it for daily use – it adds a little pop without being crazy. It’s a little smudgey, but that’s only because the color is built to last long, so just be careful when applying!

Here are the shades from left to right in the picture above: 
Pure Red
Coral Calling
Royal Raspberry
Natural Pink




Coral Calling, Pure Red, Natural Pink, Royal Raspberry


Royal Raspbery, Coral Calling, Natural Pink, Pure Red

Overall, A+ from Sephora (shocker!) – this may be my favorite product yet! What are your favorite lip products and colors for spring?

xO -S

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6 thoughts on “Sephora Color Lip Last

  1. which shades are those ?

    • Oops! Forgot to include that very important info! They are Coral Calling, Pure Red, Royal Raspberry, and Natural Pink. I just updated the post with that info and another picture – thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  2. I am the exact same way with lip colors. I would never wear anything on them until recently. I have been wearing a Nyx lip gloss that I am in love with. I’ve been looking for something neutral and lovely so maybe the Sephora line is what I’m looking for.

    • You should definitely give it a try! I love that the colors are matte. The color can be a shock at first, but I’ve gotten used to it and I just love it!

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