Apps for Change

Will changing your Facebook profile picture help end child abuse in West Africa? No.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen more people set their profile picture to support a cause than ever before. There was a recent Supreme Court decision, senate hearing, and explosions across the country.  While changing your picture does show support and raise awareness, it fails to help in a tangible way that many organizations fighting to stop injustices across the world need. You may feel better or like you have helped in some way, but their need is the same. But what can you do besides donating especially during this tragic week in US history?

Luckily, there’s an app for that.


If you use instagram and or twitter, you have probably seen one or more post about someone’s meal. They could have just made it, or just ordered it but whatever the reason they felt like sharing and you can choose to like it, favorite it, retweet it etc. FoodShareFilter has created an integrated instagram filter where by downloading for $1.16 from the Google Play/Apple Store and using to “share” your food, you share in other ways by having money donated to help fight hunger in Mexico. Pretty easy…


WeTopia is a facebook game that allows players build villages and earn points that turn into charitable donations. To date, players have provided more than 1.6 million gallons of drinking water and over 760,000 hot meals for children in Haiti, 45,000 meals for U.S. children living in poverty, and more than 3,000 warm coats to children in Afghanistan and the United States. Not too shabby!


GoodGuide lets you to scan the barcode of a product while you’re shopping and immediately receive ratings regarding its healthfulness, environmental impact and social responsibility. How cool is that?

Mobile Rice

This is a particular favorite of mine as I used to go on the website in high school. The MobileRice app tests your vocabulary skills while donating grains of rice through the World Hunger Program. Match words with their definition or synonyms and help diminish hunger 
worldwide. The app is connected to the website, which has collected 77 billion grains in 2 1/2 years — enough rice to feed millions. Download it and play next time you’re waiting for the metro!


The Give Work app asks users to complete simple tasks that check the work done by refugee workforce. It provides a sort of quality assurance while increasing the quality of life for Kenyan refugee workers.

Small gestures do make a big difference, so maybe try one of these apps out next time you feel like making a small change for the better. And if you want to continue to spread the word, post it on Facebook or tweet about it to others.

And then you can change your profile picture too if you want.


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