Packing List: Florida

Oh vacation, how I have missed you and am looking forward to you! I’m off to Palm Beach/Miami for a week…

But, packing is always such a hassle isn’t? And I am infamous for bringing everything but the kitchen sink with me wherever I go, so for this trip to Florida I’ve decided to be very diplomatic in choosing what I bring, and only bring things that I could wear more than one day, or are absolutely necessary for the beach. Toiletries aside, what do you really need after all? A Towel, a suit, some sunnies and (if you’re as pale as I am) some mega strong [ read: spf 50+!! ]waterproof sweat proof sunblock!

So here is exactly what I’m bringing for beach wear, aside from the straw tote (mine was my grandmothers and I’ve got no idea where its from but the one shown is cheap/cute and the floral skirt as mine is from Marshalls and I couldn’t find it!)

The dress goes from day to night with a quick shoe change which is nice and the sun and the salt water will kill all makeup options aside from some waterproof mascara.


Packing for Florida

Packing for Florida by uhhleese featuring a neutrogena face moisturizer

Its already hot in D.C. but hopefully some relaxing time before a big change will be good for me… am I missing anything?

Also tips on any hair products to grab that will save my hair from becoming straw /green from salt and chlorine is GREATLY appreciated 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Packing List: Florida

  1. Lucky girl… I have the post holiday blues right now but I think a frilly bikini might just cheer me up!

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