Simple Spring Spaghetti

Is feta cheese a weird thing to have leftovers of? I feel like it is. Either way, I had some leftover feta cheese that I didn’t want to waste and since I’ve also been trying to cook more, I decided to find something fun to do with it. I bake all the time, but as far as actual food goes, I’m pretty much a stick-to-soup kinda girl. So this is my first step into the process of “cooking.” Although I guess this may not even qualify as “cooking,” since it’s more like just putting a bunch of things together and hoping it turns out well. But it at least makes me feel semi-accomplished.



Here’s what you’ll need:
– Spaghetti (however much you want to eat – no judgement)
– Olive Oil
– Feta Cheese
– Minced Garlic
– Tomatoes
– Black Olives
– Whatever spices you like – I used garlic pepper (I’m obsessed with the stuff) & parsley


I don’t list any measurements for the toppings because I believe that kinda stuff is all subjective. I personally like a lot of seasoning, so I’m pretty heavy on the toppings, but if you’re not, just keep sprinkling until you reach your desired amount!


look at that steam!



doused in olive oil


Finished product – mmmm

The recipe is awesome because it’s so versatile. You can mix-and-match which spices and veggies you want to add – I’m thinking about throwing in some peas or green beans next time! The possibilities are endless! Also, the olive oil makes it a lighter meal – as opposed to some of the heavier alfredo or tomato-based sauces that you may not want to eat in the hotter months. It’s something you can whip up quickly on a busy day that’s not a microwave  meal so you can at least feel like you made SOME kind of solid effort. It’s all about taking baby steps into adulthood (ironic?).


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5 thoughts on “Simple Spring Spaghetti

  1. This looks really good! I have some specialty pasta I picked up at the farmers market I’ve been needing to make. Knew I wanted to include tomatoes but I’m loving the idea of adding feta! (You can never go wrong by adding feta cheese). Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. I’m obsessed with feta. I make a version of this with sun dried tomatoes but I might have to try it with olives next time!

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