Live Blogging from Northside Social!

Today I randomly came across an article that talked about the best places for outdoor Wifi in the D.C. area. Among them was Northside Social in Clarendon, so since its in Shianne’s neighborhood we decided to check it out after work today! We’re there as we type so here is what we’re seeing from the outside patio:

First impression & curb appeal:


When you first walk up you notice a big red building with blue umbrellas and a large crowd of people outside. You can’t miss it! Everyone has their computer, iPad  or smart phone and out they’re drinking beer and wine (our kinda place!).  We’re getting excited…



Italian Grilled Cheese… mm pesto



Shianne went for the Italian Grilled Cheese and Elyse opted for the BLT. Both were delish! and it helped that we were beyond starving…


And may our hearts, where'er we roam, Forever loyal be To our beloved college home Beside the Genesee.

And may our hearts, where’er we roam,
Forever loyal be
To our beloved college home
Beside the Genesee.

What to get what to get..Northside is a coffee shop but they also serve beer and wine and after perusing the cooler Shianne noticed that they had Genesee beer?? That pretty much was an automatic yes since we both went to school in Rochester where the Genesee river is and where the beer hails from. Oh the fraternity basement memories… The guy working the register made fun of us for going for the “not so great” beer but we don’t care.

Overall Thoughts:

This is the prefect place to come and do work, read, people watch or whatever you need. Its finally nice out and everyone is in a great mood! You’re also surrounded by dogs.. which is always a good thing.

A+ Northside Social!


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