Drink The District : Wine Edition

This past weekend my friend Amanda visited from the big apple! Knowing that those new yorkers are hard to impress and that she had already seen the tourist sights of D.C. I found something a little different for us to do…

Living Social puts together many different alcohol-centric events and this weekend happened to be the Drink the District: Wine Edition. Aka, you pay $23, get a special tasting glass and are then invited from 12-4 to unlimited wine tasting from local vineyards and ones across the rest of the world!

Held down by the Navy Yard, this weekend was perfect weather for some wine, some friends and some food trucks… and yes that does say Trapeze School and I hope to do more investigation if there are really people swinging around inside!




I’ve purchased this at the Walgreens up the street before…



You taste it you finish it!


Ever seen a wine bottle with a pouring spout? Now you have. Plus our special tasting glasses! Note the thumb indent for easy holding.. they really thought of everything!

As the day continued on, we decided to do a food truck run. Crepes, Bubble Tea, Gourmet Grilled Cheese and some ice cream later…

photo (2)

photo (4)

Brie, Apples, Onions and Honey? Why yes.
If you ever see the Big Cheese food truck I highly recommend it because EVERYONE loved their sandwich and we tried all 4 flavors.

And then this guy happened..

Its a macaroon, ice cream sandwich. with brownie pieces inside.

There is a beer version of this coming in May again thanks to Living Social, who’s in??


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