What’s Getting Us Through the Week

It’s that time of the week again where it’s almost Friday and we just have to push by a few more hours….here’s what’s been getting us through this week:

Elyse says…

1. Bread Products!!

Just like the Rock!

 After Passover ended, this is pretty much how I felt about all things involving bread… and I actually did have blueberry pancakes for dinner on Tuesday 😉

2. High School Punk Pop Bands

Did you know that Fall Out Boy was in DC last weekend? Oh to relive my high school freshman self and go attend that concert…so naturally I’ve been listening to their music all week.

I also really like Phoenix and they recently came out with a new music video, and it involves a Shiba Inu!

Shianne says…

1. Bobby Pins


I know bobby pins are like an age-old secret for most girls, but I am only now beginning to appreciate them for all that they’re worth. We just concluded our annual President’s Club event at work – 3 days of non-stop running, lifting, and chatting with donors. That being said…you don’t really have time to manage your looks as much as you would like….which is where bobby pins come in handy. I normally don’t do very much with my hair, but letting it run wild and curly like I usually do just wasn’t an option this week. So instead, I just pulled it up and pinned it to keep it clean and manageable. Not having to worry about my hair made everything so much less stressful – all thanks to these little miracles!

2. Plain Black Flats



These black flats may have saved my life this week. Okay, I’m exaggerating just a little….but I was so thankful for these puppies after spending the weekend and first three days of the week in them!  Being on your feet for 16 hours a day is no joke – and it requires a sturdy shoe. And then adding that you have to look professional on top of that, it seems almost impossible. But there $14.99 Target flats were comfortable, adorable, and professional! Win-win-win!

& we both agree on…

Cherry Blossoms


It’s finally cherry blossom season in DC! We’ve heard about it all year and now we’re finally here to experience it. It’s been a bit chilly lately, so they’re blooming a little later than usual – but for us it’s right on time!

We both have friends from Rochester visiting this weekend and can’t wait to get out on the town and really enjoy the beautiful DC spring!

Xx E&S

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