Let my people go…eat Matzah Ball Soup!

My friends, the time is upon us…


It sneaks up on my ever year but its Passover time once more! For us Jews, that means 8 days of no leavened bread. Including (as I have been asked) — crackers, cookies, brownies, tortillas, pancakes etc. Things that you might forget about when thinking “bread”. I don’t really have much of a religious connection down here but it feels good to keep with tradition so I ran up to my local jewish market (which is beyond convenient if you’re in cleveland park..) and stocked up on some necessities. Think of it as a jew enforced low carb died.

I realized that I’ve never made  my own Matzah Ball Soup before and figured, hey why not. Its a family fave! So without further adieu …

My Attempt at Matzah Ball Soup
(from a box)

You will need:

A Ball/Soup Mix. Manischewitz is a classic. Also Water, Eggs and Olive Oil.


 Make the balls mix. This basically consists of mixing 2 eggs, the Matzah meal mix and some oil together.



You want those guys to be fluffy, not hard as a rock the way the are when they come from a jar. The secret is some seltzer water!! Just a splash is going to make a huge difference and if you’re not too concerned with formalities of Passover, throw in some baking soda. I won’t tell!

After hanging out in the fridge for 20 minutes, its time to roll them into 1 inch diameter balls.


Meanwhile, boil a large pot of water and put in the broth mix. Get to to a sturdy boil and then bring it down to a simmer.

Now its time to cook ’em up!


Woo steamy! Gently drop them in one by one to your broth mixture


Once they’re in there, turn the heat to medium and leave them on for 30 + minutes. If you want you can also leave it on low for a few hours to really get big.

When they’re ready, they’ll look like this!



Eat some now, eat some later! Add in some veggies if you’re feeling fancy… It’s really THAT easy.



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2 thoughts on “Let my people go…eat Matzah Ball Soup!

  1. Love this! I definitely need to try to make my own one of these days!

  2. Looks so good you guys! My matzoh balls never EVER come out fluffy so I’ve since given up 😦

    I wanted to send you an email about doing a guest blog post for us, but I couldnt find your contact info (so I’ve awkwardly got to do it here) If you’re interested leave me a comment or email me or taylor!


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