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This past weekend I went to Redding, CA and back. In the process.. I was traveling for around 15 hours on the way there and 12 on the way back (silly time change). But seriously, it was a real journey and one of the best things to make a plane ride or a 2 hour lay over go? A great book.

There have been a couple enjoyable reads in my cache recently, so I thought I’d share my reviews in case you’re looking to drive into a new story or just kill some time on the morning metro commute.

1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I cant remember if I suggested this book earlier or not, but I love historical fiction and this book has it all — love, hate, fights, magic tricks. Its a light read that will only take you a few days but you’ll enjoy it immensely. It made me want to go back to the circus and wish that places like this really did exist.

2. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

This is the semi fictional story of Ernest Hemingway first wife when he was a struggling writer living in Paris. Based off of their letters, its an interesting insight into the character of Hemingway  as well as Paris in the 1920’s. A bit darker, this story is very much about giving up everything for someone but its a story line  most can associate with in some way or another.

3. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

I may be behind on the curve here since this is now a movie with Tom Hanks, Hallie Barry, Hugh Grant and a few other big names… but the trailer inspired me to pick up the book first before reading the movie. Whatever I thought I understood.. I didn’t and while you’re going to be beyond confused as to whats going on in the first few chapters, it all comes around. Trust me! This book also has a little of everything (see a theme here with my choices?) and reading before a movie is always the best way to go.

Have anything you’re reading that you think we’d enjoy? Let us know!!


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