H Street Country Club

Do you know what the perfect date is, be it friend or romantic? Its mini golf. 

You may have been thinking dinner, a movie, drinks, a play or a concert, maybe even a wizards game (ha definitely kidding there..) but I promise you, its mini golf, putt putt, whatever you want to call it. Its interactive, fun, gets your competitive nature going and in the end its pretty goofy too.

Now H Street Country Club allows you to putt putt your little heart out, with drinks and food available (Mexican food and margaritas no less!) along the way– plus its INDOORS so 12 months of the year, your mini golf dreams are attainable!

Full disclosure… I have yet to go here. Its in the top 3 on my list but some how last weekend whirled by so perhaps this weekend I’ll squeeze in some time and find a group to go with.

UPDATE: Shianne has been! Said it was great! 

Have any of you gone? It looks so fun! I really need to explore H street in general…

Well here are some pictures for now, when I go I’ll update!

Check it out! 

its even DC themed!

pool tables and shuffle board tables for your bar enjoyment

and giant jenga which is quite possibly one of the best bar games around!


p.s. They have a roof top deck coming for the spring….even better!

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3 thoughts on “H Street Country Club

  1. It’s soooo good!!! And by that I mean tipsy people playing mini-golf, which is the definition of good I suppose. : )

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