Spartina 449

Say goodbye to everything Vera Bradley you own. There is a new brand I’m OBSESSED with and in my opinion, it blows Vera out of the water (this is going to be a pun when you hear the name….)

Spartina 449 is a relatively new company based in Daufuskie Island, South Carolina that makes everything from apparel and jewelry to iPad cases – which is what I’m going to highlight here.


I first discovered Spartina 449 at a boutique shop called Coventry Corners in Pottstown, PA. The minute I saw the collection, I knew I needed SOMETHING from it – though I had no idea what I wanted. After I finally decided I was going to get an iPad case, the next tough decision was which pattern to purchase. They were all so adorable I had SUCH  a hard time choosing. Ultimately I went with the classic black and white pattern – but I probably stood there staring at the choices for a good 10 minutes or more.


In love.

To make things even better, the case is really sturdy! I mean, I wouldn’t throw it against the ground or anything….but it’s survived a tumble or two on the metro. There are two different options for level you want to stand it at and it holds up perfectly.


The inside is this red velvety material that I just love. So classy. I can’t even explain the amount of compliments I get on this case. Almost all my girl friends have asked me where I got it. It’s seriously one of my favorite recent purchases. And iPad cases can get so expensive – but this one is super reasonable for the quality! I think I only paid $40 with tax!


AND it’s genuine leather – BAM!

You can find their products at boutique shops, or check them out online here. I’m dying to order some of their gorgeous jewelry and maybe a scarf!

It’s cute and practical! And if you can catch it on sale, even better!

xO -S

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