My Taxi DC App

By now I’m sure you know of and have probably tried Uber cabs. You see them all over the district– black Lincolns driving around and they were the only one to have the great innovation of ordering your taxi via an app and seeing when it comes, then paying via the application. But you were also paying more for that user friendliness, convenience and cool black car appearance which is generally not something that I need, so behold– the MY TAXI app!

I had never tried it before, but after having taxi fails and waiting on hold for a dispatcher to answer I decided to give it a whirl… and here’s where the magic begins…

When you first open the app, GPS senses your location or you can enter it manually. You then click the bring yellow T and the app finds you a cab! (Yes, it is literally that easy.)

(I’m stealing these pictures from other My Taxi users because I don’t want to actually call one and then cancel but here is the interface)

After confirming your location, it shows you the taxis available all around so you can guestimate how long it will take

yellow taxis are the available ones

It then sends a blast to all the cab drivers with the app on their phone until a local one agrees to the pick up.  Once he confirms you get a picture of him, his rating and exactly when he’ll be there and how many miles away he is.

location confirmed and taxi assigned — what a nice looking driver! Love the hat.

If you click the little GPS symbol you can actually track him in real time and the app updates itself regularly so you can count down the seconds until he is at your doorstep!

Not sure how much money you’re going to need? They’ve got that covered with a fare calculator.

And finally, if you don’t have cash and find it annoying that most DC cabs don’t take credit cards (like I do..) you can pay using the app!

They only started in the U.S. in October 2012 and already they’re on fire! The app has the ability to turn any cab into an uber-style experience which is more or less genius in my opinion!

DC was one of the first cities it started in but no fear they’re growing! And last month they even expanded to those of you across the river in Arlington 🙂

aka never never land so far away….jk Shianne

If you didn’t get the memo, I’m clearly sold on the idea! You can get it for Andriod or IOS HERE

Happy Travels!


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2 thoughts on “My Taxi DC App

  1. John Chester

    Based on a few weeks use, I share Liberty on Less’s enthusiasm for MyTaxi. On Friday evening, however, I found myself unable to connect after dining at a restaurant on Georgia Avenue just inside the District. This outage persisted until Saturday afternoon. No mention of the problem on the apps website.

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