Spring Fashion Picks

Happy March, everybody! Though it is still a bit chilly here in the district, it is March 1st and we can feel spring right around the corner!

 (in like a lion & out like a lamb, right?)

Though we’ll miss the snow, we’re both getting really excited about the new fashion options that come along with spring. Bold colors, cute dresses, and tons of new matching accessories. Here are our picks for this spring season:

Elyse’s Clothing Picks

spring needs
Spring is not far from us! There was a hint of it yesterday but I’ve been told that it may snow next week again so perhaps Shianne and I are ahead of ourselves here. Oh well!
Spring is very much a time for color, and as you can see I want a LOT of it. Also almost everything (I got a little fancy with the bag/ trench coat) is very affordable! I already own an ombre shirt similar to the one shown and it really goes with anything. As spring hits, the sun will be shining here in the DC area so bringing out the sunglasses again is a must! I need some floral dresses and skirts, as well as some colorful bottoms. Also the black and white dress in the middle does amazing things for your figure regardless of shape! The trench is a necessary as its going to rain a lit, but hey those cherry blossoms have to get started somehow. And finally I’m on the hunt for a big colorful leather bag with a tassel… just like the one shown.
I imagine Shianne’s accessories below would go great with any of this stuff– so check it out!
Shianne’s Accessories List:
lol accessories
So just to highlight a few themes/favorite items here – I’m clearly obsessed with pastels and nude colors. Especially for spring, they make you feel so light and cute! I already bought the snakeskin shoes and Anne Klein tortoise shell watch and they both, quite magically, go with almost EVERYTHING. Also, since I love scarves and refuse to give them up in early spring, these cute floral options allow for a lighter version of a winter classic. The last thing I want to mention is how much I need that adorable black and gold leopard print umbrella. It rains all the time in DC so I figured I mind as well bear through it with an adorable accessory!
But let’s be honest – all these items are such great deals that the chances I end up with quite a few things on this list by mid-season are fairly high. But even if I do, I won’t have to feel that bad about it. There’s nothing better than looking adorable while being affordable!
Let us know what’s on your list for this spring!
xOXo – S&E
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One thought on “Spring Fashion Picks

  1. Must Have Boxes

    I’m loving the mint green shorts. Mint is such a great color for the spring.

    – KW

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