Urbana’s Bottomless Brunch

One of my roommates had mentioned a few weeks ago that she experience a brunch place, so magical that they had a juice bar entirely devoted to mixing your most favorite mid-afternoon cocktail. So seeing as my roommates had some guests and I’m really happy with any excuse to brunch we met in Dupont for our 1:15pm seating at Urbana and ended up staying until 4:30!!! Needless to say it was delish.

First things first, when you sit down and announce that you’ll be participating in their $18.50 bottomless deal you are greeted by bottles upon bottles of champagne on your table. You can refill as you please and the waiters will help you out from time to time regardless if you’re ready or not. Now, here is the genius part — you fill your glass 2/3 full with champagne and then you stroll over to the juice bar where you find this:

(picture from Mango&Tomato, I forgot to take my own!)

Grapefruit, Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, Strawberry, Cherry, Lychee.. the list goes on and you can mix and match as you please..


By the time you’ve finished a glass (maybe 2 or 3…) food arrives!

yes that thing in the middle of the plate is cheesy potatoes and yes, its amazing

And as you continue to eat and down your bubbly drinks the hours just seem to fly by…all 3 of them! We actually we the 2nd to last table left before the dinner crowd, and the last table was just waiting for us to leave so they could win. Who knew it was a competition??

Urbana also had fabulous wine specials on happy hour  and gourmet pizza (or so I’ve been told) so be sure to check them out!

I giggled at it on the way out..and stole this picture shhhh thank you troublesome triangle!

-x E

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