Pleasant Pops Farmhouse

I FINALLY made it to Adams Morgan, you guys! After almost 6 months of living in DC, I can finally say that I have been to what many people consider the most hip and happening part of the city (and my usage of the terms ‘hip’ and  ‘happening’ probably just proved why I don’t belong there).

But even though I am mostly a grandma at heart, I ventured out last Friday upon a suggestion from my friend Annah. We had really been craving some hot chocolate, and it was a cold, rainy night…so it was perfect. The place was called Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe.


inside the market

 The gist of this place (or at least why we went) is that they provide you with a cup of base liquid (milk for us) and a stick of whatever ingredients to stir into the base (like chocolate). If that is the most confusing description ever, which I’m pretty sure it may be, check out the pictures below for some clarity:


milk before stirring (and my finger in the corner…oops)


the “pop” part – a block of chocolate on a stick.

It was honestly the coolest thing. There were so many options, too! They have over 100 flavors – everything from cookies n cream to pina colada. Annah and I both decided on the Mexican Hot Chocolate – inspired by Danny from The Mindy Project, which I am obsessed with (obviously…a hilarious AND gorgeous Indian? Can I just be her please?).

And they’re super sustainable/environmentally friendly and support local businesses & farmers – so if you’re into that, that could also be a draw. Admittedly, I’m mostly just into hot chocolate. But it is kinda cool to see a totally DC-based company succeeding! You can find them at their Adam’s Morgan location, at farmers’ markets when in season, or on their moving truck “Big Poppa” – just follow @pleasantpops on Twitter!


messy but delicious

They also have food if you want to make a meal of it – I HIGHLY suggest the grilled cheese! If you’re looking for something fun and new in DC, this is definitely worth stopping in!


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2 thoughts on “Pleasant Pops Farmhouse

  1. Ah, all these food posts is making me go crazy living as a poor broke student in residence! I absolutely love hot chocolate when its done well: rich and smooth. Your header is amazing, by the way.

    • I loved the hot chocolate pops for that reason exactly! So much more flavor! And thanks! Our friend really did an awesome job on it and we love it too!

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