Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Happy (belated) Valentines Day!

Hopefully you did something nice with someone you love– whether it be a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or four-legged friend!

Last year I received one of those edible arrangement bouquets which are great to send if you can’t be there in person, however I found that after a day all the lovely chocolate covered fruit had become quite gross. After Shiannes post about chocolate filled strawberries, I decided it can’t be that hart to make my own chocolate covered ones!

and…. viola!

hungry yet??

Alright so the secret to these guys is that while they seem fancy, they’re actually the easiest thing you could ever possibly make. Next time I may even try tuxedo style just to make it a little more complicated.

You will need:

-1 5oz bag of semi sweet chocolate chips
-wax paper

yes thats it!


1. Melt your chocolate — you can do this either in the microwave by going in 15 second increments and mixing each time or over the stove on low. I went the microwave route but next time I think stove to make sure the chocolate stays melted.
2. Dip your strawberry and place on wax paper
3. place in the fridge to harden
4. Eat!

You’ll impress all, be happily satisfied with your dessert and even feel a little romantic.



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