Ted’s Bulletin Brunch & Boss-man

There is just something about brunch that makes it my absolute favorite meal option. You can get breakfast, you can get lunch, you can get drinks, and dessert and no one judges on way or the other. In fact you’re really not trying hard enough if you don’t get some semblance of all three. Shianne and I decided to give this a try when we met up with a couple friends for their first (my second) time dining at the famous Ted’s Bulletin near the Marine Baracks!

First thing you should know about teds, there WILL be a wait, something north of an hour usually but luckily eastern market is just a skip across Pennsylvania Ave so you can easily spend your time looking at all the goods and taste testing some of the fruits and spreads.

Second, when you finally get a chance to sit down and look at the menu, you’re going to be overwhelmed. We kept laughing that this was the worst decision ever because whatever we did decide to get, we’d be leaving over something equally as delicious! Some of the famous options? Peanut Butter Burger, Home Made Pop-Tarts and  Alcoholic Milk Shakes.

Third, the president eats there.

Are you sold yet?

We managed to order completely backwards..

Our poptart choices– cinnamon sugar, blueberry cheesecake and strawberry!

a real closeup to make your mouth water

Mocha and Peppermint “adult” shakes

Shianne was smart and took a picture of her meal, I got just too hungry!

(I stole this from google) But here is my T.U.B.S. — teds ultimate breakfast sandwich complete with fried egg, scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, american and cheddar cheese. YES.

I believe we were all too full to stand afterwards!

Shianne walked around D.C. to show her visiting friend from the great white north, Morgan and it was a beautiful day here while everyone was dealing with nemo

is that Morgan??

My next morning was spent at a Lucky Dog adoption event and I just had to share with you all this little (or should I say big..) tub of love, Boss.

the bossman!

This guy was left to die with no food or water for weeks on end from a previous owner and was finally rescued on the brink of starvation and given a second chance at life. Even with such a sad situation, all he wants to do is hang out, snuggle and give you a drooly kiss. Hes gained back 40 lbs so far and has another 10 to go before hes at fighting weight, but helping him out was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to hear that he’s found his fur-ever home!

just hanging around

He was so happy & content in the car that he actually refused to get out and had to be carried.. until next time big fella!


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2 thoughts on “Ted’s Bulletin Brunch & Boss-man

  1. Must Have Boxes

    Are those Pop Tarts for real?! OMG!

    – KW

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