5000 Miles in 1 Week

Greetings from my couch in Arlington! I’m so glad to be finally home after a 6-day, 3-city, 5107 mile business trip for work, where I helped organize and execute 7 different events – all part of our nation-wide tour to introduce our new President to our members.

First stop was NYC! After a pleasant 4 hour train ride, we arrived at Penn Station, and headed to our hotel, The Grand Hyatt at Grand Central.

super modern hotel lobby?

Move Over, DuPont Circle

Next up: Denver! I was only here for about 24 hours, but I can honestly say that everyone I met in Denver was SO nice, and it was exactly how I pictured it. I can’t wait to go back sometime when I actually have time to explore and enjoy the city. We hopped in a rental car – and my hopped I mean packed all 6 of us plus 15 bags…

We became bag packing experts, bellhops everywhere were impressed

exactly what I’d imagine Denver is like outside hotel walls, not that I’d know

Tuesday night we ate at my favorite restaurant from the entire trip – Cool River Cafe. It was just us girls so we decided to split a bunch of small meals…which turned into more food than we probably would’ve all gotten had we ordered separately. I wish I would have taken a picture of the buffalo potatoes we got….but just imagine the most delicious mix of fries and tater tots with a little buffalo spice….yummm

Golden Globes were here just a few weeks ago!

We had a little time Thursday morning to explore the city, so we hopped in the suburban and headed to breakfast at Jack n Jills. This was honestly one of the most delicious breakfasts I had ever had! Since it was raining, we decided to stick to a driving tour for the most part after that. We made our way down Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd, and saw the walk of fame before driving up to Griffith Observatory for the “best view of the Hollywood sign.” However, with the fog, we actually couldn’t see the sign at all – but it turned out to be a pretty great adventure and bonding experience for our team anyway.

My team pointing to where we THINK the sign is…we all really have no clue

The actual event was down the street at the historic Beverly Hills Hotel, which was sooo gorgeous! After our event Thursday night we hung out around the hotel and – kid you not – ran into Steven Tyler, Mel Gibson, and Lionel Richie…SO COOL.

Lionel– blurry but so worth it!

After that kind of night, none of us wanted to go home, but with another 4:30 a.m. wake up call, we knew we had to leave at some point. We pushed through our final two events Friday morning before half the team left and returned to DC. However, myself and a colleague stayed for an extra night of LA sightseeing. On our night off, we decided to explore Rodeo Drive, where I somehow managed to keep my wallet shut, despite the temptations.

woops forgot to take a picture until the cab was driving away..

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