Warby Parker Glasses

If any of you are like me, you’re blind as a bat without some sort of contact/ glasses situation. Its not something I love, but I’ve come to accept it and my current annoyance is having the same glasses that I’ve had for the past 5 years.

Glasses are quite expensive, stroll into Lense Crafters and you’ll be dropping some serious cash on those designer Ralph Lauren frames, and then more for the corrective lenses. Since I wear contacts 8am-11pm daily, I just need something that looks cute if I’m feeling lazy that day but I can also wear around the apartment for not too much money.

Introducing: Online eye-wear providers! Places like Warby Parker and BonLook allow you to pick out some frames you find interesting, and order them with your Rx for only $95!! What a steal!

Now Warby Parker had a bus running around D.C. over the summer that I missed out on, so they have this great option where you can choose 5 frames that you think you would like (you should know something about your face shape by now, right?) and they will send them to you, free of charge to try on and play with for 5 days, until you send them back and order one if you’d like, but if not that’s okay too.

Here are the ones coming at me in 5 days!






Okay so they’re a little hipster and clearly I have a tortoise shell problem but they’ll be here soon!

They also have the virtual try on, where you upload a picture of yourself but I might use that tool to narrow it down to 5 instead of actually choosing to buy one.

Have you tried anyone of these online fashion glasses? What did you think!

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