Hand Painted Wine Glasses

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL in our nations capitol, only made a little crazy by the 1.8 million people that are around today for the inauguration. For us, being here is nothing new so we continued life as usual.

Saturday morning Elyse drove and handled a few pups at lucky dog, and we both fell in love with Lawrence (who is known to his friends as Larry)

He had ginger eyelashes.. and was the best snuggler

Larry got an adoption application in, so fingers crossed to him and his new furever (haha, get it?) home!

After some Mexican food and manicures,  Elyse and I decided to have a quiet night in this Saturday and finally do the craft project we’ve been talking about doing for months. Inspired by images like this on etsy,  we bought a couple wine tumblers (not glasses) and decided to spruce them up a bit by hand painting designs on them with acrylic paint.

Given that we’re not the most crafty individuals, it took us a while to warm up and our second glasses were much better than our first.

But all in all it was a fun activity and now we have personalized glasses to impress guests with (okay, maybe just the second two will actually impress anyone…). So if you’re feeling crafty, this is definitely something to try! And hopefully you’re a little better with a brush!

xO -S&E

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One thought on “Hand Painted Wine Glasses

  1. This is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing about the personalized wine glasses because I have friends who would enjoy this article!

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