Ikat Explosion

Ikat Explosion

Its official, I’m obsessed. With Ikat patterns.

What is an ikat pattern you ask? Its a type of dip dying, similar to tie dying where you section off parts of a pattern before dying. The word ikat derives from the Indonesian word mengikat ‘to tie. (thank you wikipedia.)

It all started when I began my quest to keep my room organized and clean,  remember? I suddenly decided that my same old duvet from sophomore year of college just was not cutting it any longer and I want to move up to bigger, better and perhaps slightly less crowded looking things.

I’m currently sporting this guy:

Paisley Liberty of London duvet by Target

While its held up amazingly well, it’s time for a change.

Living in a rented apartment has its drawbacks, in that painting and putting too many holes in the  wall is frowned upon and so the largest changeable space it seems is my bed!

Okay so now, finding a reasonably price duvet online is not that easy, the few stores that I could think of were the usual department stores, urban outfitters and anthropology and then home good stores like west elm and pottery barn.

My price range is 100$ MAX. And I’d like to stay below that for new sheets etc. I’m not sure why I’m being so stingy on something that I will be using daily for, oh hopefully a solid 7-8 hours but oh well.

Alright so here are some of my favorites so far:

This is all over pinterest but no where to be found for sale. Ho hum.

Sold out at West Elm

West Elm

West Elm..

(I have so many west elms because they’re having a 20% off sale right now!!)

My Favorite! Too bad its $1,300…

Pottery Barn at ~ $140

Opinions or experience buying things from west elm or pottery barn (technically the same company)?

Let me know!!


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