Mansion on O Street

 Last week we had our Development Team annual dinner at the eclectic Mansion on O Street. It was formerly a bunch of townhouses that have now been put together to create an awesome and unique museum/hotel/event space!

[Disclaimer: my pictures are not the best quality…but you can still tell the place is pretty cool, and literally FILLED from floor to ceiling with memorabilia/collectibles]

The first part of the night was a scavenger hunt, where we split into groups and participated in one of the Mansion’s pre-made tours and searched through secret passages and four floors of an antique show explosion. There’s everything from signed guitars to creepy cat figurines, and almost everything is up for sale.

My favorite part of the tour was the awesome Wine Cellar in the basement!

heaven on earth!!

Oh, and did I mention that the Mansion has one of the TOP TEN pastry chefs in America? Um, yeah, just take a look at this Capitol-shaped cake:

so beautiful you want to eat it..almost

I wish I could have gotten more/better pictures, but I was too busy soaking it all in….guess I’ll have to go back. It’s definitely not something I’d normally do, but I’m glad I did, and I think it’d be even more fun with a couple friends and some drinks! They have a TON of different tour options…including a current Living Social deal for a $15 self-guided tour with Champagne! Check out the other options here:

xO – S

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