Tapas at Pulpo

Mmm Pulpo… aka Octopus!

This weekend has been a bit of a dud, I woke up Friday feeling like I’d been hit by a bus and with Casey having the flu I decided to take no chances and stay home for the day to catch upon the sleep I’d missed while running around NYC.

Having made reservations for 7pm and with a warm shower to help me feel better, my roommates and I went out for dinner in our lovely Cleveland Park neighborhood to Pulpo on Connecticut Ave!

Pulpo is a traditional spanish Tapas restaurant — the chef recommends each person order 2-3 dishes and their specialties are Octopus (pulpo in Spanish!) and their crispy brussel sprouts in a bacon vinaigrette — if all moms begin preparing veggies like this kids will have no problem eating them in a flash!

We also ordered Pan with Manchego Cheese, Braised Meatballs, Short Rib Sofrito and Shrimp and Scallop Fritters. Everything was so delicious and we were so hungry that I only managed to catch a picture of the short ribs and octopus tentacle but I promise everything melts in your mouth in the best way possible

Short Ribs on Bone

Lets go back! This dinner date is part of our continuing quest to try every restaurant in our little strip of DC… much harder than it sounds!

its so biiiiiig

Also, as I am sitting in Peregrine Expresso near eastern market typing this… I am excited to be coming to you from my new computer!
Windows 8 and I are in the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

xX E

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