All I want for Christmas is you!

Its official.

I knew that the holiday season was upon us the second Santa road down the street at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Everyone is friendly and happy, people are out spending like no tomorrow but its on gifts for friends and family so how can you not, and across the country and world lights are going up and radio stations are blasting only Christmas tunes until Dec 26th.

I don’t happen to celebrate Christmas but there is nothing I love more than Mariah Careys “All I want for Christmas is You“, hot chocolate, a roaring fire and some fuzzy Rudolph or Love Actually.

if you didn’t know what I meant when I said fuzzy Rudolph

Thanksgiving break was pretty much entirely relaxation so I don’t have much to report but I will say that I’ve taught myself the art of Challah French Toast and now that I know it… I can never go back!

Challah Back Y’all! (no?)

The recipe is from here — with a few adjustments of my own aka I did not put them in a pan, I just dipped them as you would normal french toast. I also left out the rum and the flour. To each their own!

Top with some honey and you’re off!

P.S. — Raisin challah? potentially even better.


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