Volunteering at Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

If you can’t tell already, Shianne and I have a slight obsession with puppies…aka, I tend to send pictures of puppies to Shianne and vise versa . It was once only Shiba Inus on our Facebook walls, and has now turned into pick me up pictures through out the work day. We both come from 2 dog homes and being away for this long weighs on a dog lover! Its something I did not notice in college since no one had a dog there (obviously) but now that we’re in the city I’m constantly surrounded and find myself yearning to just cuddle with all of them.

Shianne’s Nemo!

DaVinci, Sequoia & Me

Alas, work hours and apartment contracts will not allow for this as of yet (although Shianne may have a surprise guest soon!) so after squealing at one too many dogs as they walk by, I decided to do something about it.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization taking jobs from high kill or CLOSED shelters in the South. If you don’t know what a closed shelter is — its a “shelter” that does not allow dogs to be adopted, they simply go there to be put down. Not even a fighting chance given! I realize that there is an over breeding and over population issue within the US with dogs and cats but I mean really.. they’re still a life!

Enough of my rant.. anyhoo I decided that by volunteering for Lucky Dog I could both help some of these pooches and get my dog fix in A complete win-win! Lucky dog or LDAR has events almost every Saturday & Sunday (this weekend 2 each day!) and I volunteers to pick up Tyler from Wagtime – a doggy daycare place downtown on U street – and take him to Dogma Bakery in Shirlington, VA

He was an 8 month old lab mix who was quite the handful but really a sweet heart at the end of the day. Here are some pictures of him stolen from the Lucky Dog site!


smiling for the camera

He was a bit bouncy on the ride there but I think by the end of the day and enough treats to prove I was worthy of attention we made a bond. Quite a few people seemed interested in him so hopefully soon he will find his forever home! Lucky dog is also different because they do not have a shelter location and rely instead on fosters and places like Wagtime where dogs can live during the week.

There are some older dogs that need a good second home, but also some puppies who have yet to experience home life!

how do you say no to this little girl?

I plan to continue working with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue after Thanksgiving break — and maybe bring Shianne and Caroline along with me!

If you’re interested in volunteering (its really the easiest) just join here! They’re always looking for fosters but since thats a bit much for those of us still renting our places, handlers, drivers and even just marketing experts are needed!

Check out the volunteer info here!


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