The Leibster Award

The other day, Shianne and I received a comment from the lovely Marissa at Uproot from Oregon that she had nominated us for the Leibster Blogging award! She is also a new transplant to the D.C. area so we thank her for reading the blog and we love her recipes (chilly cauldron cider anyone?).

The Leibster award is for up and coming blogs and is  a great way to discover new blogs and build a sense of community. Plus its German and means “sweetest, pleasant, valued, or welcome”. We love being welcomed to the blogging community so here it goes!


1. Each person posts 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the nominator made for you and also create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate
3. Choose nominations and link them to your post
4. Go to their page and tell them.

Since there’s two of us, some questions are both of us and some are just one:

11 Fun Facts about Shianne & Elyse:

1. We LOVE Shiba Inus (or really dogs in general). If you don’t know what one is check them out here and try to tell us they’re not the cutest things in the world. You’ll be lying

2. At one point in time we were both slightly infatuated with the same person,  but we didn’t know each other. Also, the aforementioned person may or may not know we’re friends now and that we’ve used our memories of them to bond…hahaha

3. E: I’m TERRIBLY messy. I tend to fool people into thinking I’m put together because I tend to look alright but my room is horrible

4. S: I am OBSESSED with the New York Yankees

5. We were FB friends for 2.5 years before we became actual friends

6.  E: I’m from NH, live free or die!

7. E: I’ve dabbled in far too many sports: Swimming, Skiing, Horseback Riding, Basketball, Softball, Dance, Ice Skating.. but I was only good at Tennis.

8. S: I want to meet +/or be Jay Z and I know every work to 99 Problems

9. S: It’s been 22 years in the making, but I’ve pretty much perfected an Indian accent

10. E: I love all USA TV shows. Especially Covert Affairs now that I’m in D.C…11.  Elyse is super tall and Shianne is little, together we make each other look even sillier!

Marissa’s Questions for Us:

1.      What quote or phrase do you live by?
“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”
― Jack Kerouac

We’re young just trying to figure things out! Seems perfect

2.      If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

E:  I’m dying to go to the Cinque Terre, Italy (I had a trip planned there last year but had to cancel)

S: The Himalayas! I’ve been to all parts of India that involve blistering heat – so this would be a nice change and a great way to experience more of the motherland!

3.      Name 2 things off of your bucket list.

E: See the ball drop in Times Square on  New Years Eve, and drive across the continental US!

S:  To one of these days actually create a bucket list…..oh, and I really want to go to Mt. Rushmore (kind of random – but fits in with my America obsession)

4.      You can raid the closet of any celebrity (fictional or real) – who would you choose?
E: Diane Kruger, shes just so fabulous and stylish all the time. And also looks like she doesn’t believe in sweatpants (like me!)

S: Hands-down Kate Middleton. So classic!

5.      What TV shows do you have to watch weekly?

E: Rarely anything, but recently American Horror Story, The Mindy Project, Downton Abby & Modern Family & USA Network!!!

S: This is where being easily entertained is definitely a negative! I love TV and can pretty much watch anything. But mostly I love anything funny – Parks & Rec, Modern Family, and reruns of The Office.

6.      What’s your cocktail of choice for girls night out?

E: Tequila Sunrise or I was just introduced to St. Germaine which is fabulous
S: Amaretto Sour!

7.      You’re on a deserted island and can only bring 3 inanimate things with you – what are they?

E: GLASSES. I’m blind without them… and sun block because I am entirely too pale to survive an island without it

S: If this island is tropical, I would probably experience severe heat exhaustion before I got to use any inanimate objects I brought along (obvs not looking forward to 200% DC summer humidity..yikes) sooo I’d have to bring a snow machine, skis, and a good book.

8.      Name one trend you love but are too scared to try!
E: Short hair/ Bangs. I want to switch up my hair but I know I’d hate it the next day so I never do..

S: Does getting a tattoo count? I know exactly what I want but I just haven’t gone through with it yet!

9.      If you could go back and offer a younger version of yourself advice, what would it be?
S: Don’t create that livejournal account: Because 1.) Everything on the Internet stays there and it will haunt you in your college years and 2.) Your crush finally messaging you on AIM is really NOT  a big deal.

10.  What’s your favorite recipe I should try?

Our Hurricane Brownies! So delicious, SO deadly. Also since its the holiday season try the red double stuffed Christmas Oreos! Makes the brownies super fun like this:


Now we’ve chosen witty and DIY Lindsay at The Life Muse  and fabulous Lena at Joyful Diary!

Our questions for you:

1.      What is your guilty pleasure? (Music, Movies – come on, we all have one! And if it’s sappy romantic comedies or Taylor Swift….you’re not alone)

2.      Who would play you in a movie about your life and why?

3.      Do you have any hidden talents?

4.      If you could go back in time what time period would you go to?

5.      What’s your favorite accessory?

6.      If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would you go? Why?

7.      Tell us something you are proud of.

8.      What would be your first splurge if you won the lottery?

9.     What’s your favorite season?

10.  What movie could you watch over and over again and never get sick of?

11.  What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Happy blogging!!

– E & S

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  1. Thanks girls!! Was such a great surprise! You can read the answers to your questions here:

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