Friends Weekend

Is it a rule of life that when you have nothing planned there is continually nothing to do, but if you have one plan you suddenly have several options? One weekend there is no parties, the next there are many etc. This week I had not one friend coming down to DC but two! Plus another on Wednesday! I’m not complaining though, I absolutely adore having visitors and showing off my city!

First to arrive was Steve, he came down from NYC for business but was allowed to stay until Saturday evening. Getting a group together, we started off with dinner at Vapiano Italian on M Street.

Have you heard of German efficiency? This place is an exemplary example of just that. Although containing only Italian food– pasta, pizza, & panini — you walk in and are handed a scan card. From there, you stalk long tables in an attempt to find a place to sit but everyone comes and goes quickly so it is not much of an issue. Once you claim your space, you can walk up to the bar or any of the stations to order your custom made pasta (you choose the pasta, sauce, spices etc or you can pick from the menu) and charge your “card” for it.

The tables are filled with fresh basil, oil & balsamic and the meal comes with warm Italian bread. Everything moves very fast if you want it to, and you can even take food to go for only ~$9.00 a dish, its fancy fast food!

The seating arrangements — taken from — note the basil on the table!

At the end of the meal, you simply bring up your card, they take off the charges and you pay! No problems splitting bills, waiting for the waiter to come out etc. Someone was really thinking with this one…

From there we met up with Shianne for a Sign of the Whale happy hour (fairly standard Friday practice.. no cover and 1/2 off drinks how can you not!) and once that became too crowded headed off to Public for more drinks and dancing!

On the roof of Public (sorry for the blur!) with Casey & Steve

I am consistently surrounded by Carolines!

The next morning consisted of Brunch at St. Arnolds in Cleveland Park where the boys had waffles and a abreast burrito and I went for the monster “Drug Opera” which is a ham & cheese sandwich topped with eggs and bechamel sauce

The Drug Opera…mmmmm

(and yes, I got made fun of by the owner for taking a picture of my food but I couldn’t help immortalizing it forever!)

We then metro’d up to Eastern Market to meet Shianne, check out the market and do a tour of the Capitol — because what else are you really going to show a visitor?!

Rochester Capitol Hangout

Since the Washington Monument is closed due to the earthquake a few years ago, we decided to get the best view in the city was to go up to the top of the Old Post Office which was quite beautiful and entirely free!

straight down to the Capitol

View from the old post office tower!

Fabulous weather & day! Finally we took Steve to Union Station for dinner & goodbyes — until next time!

The next morning, well I did the exact same thing over again with Jodie who was visiting all the way from Pittsburgh… I never get sick of the monuments & shopping .. its one of my favorite parts of the city!


Jodie and I also had a chance to do exactly what we used to do at school– chill & watch TV. Its like being home!

Rachel comes Wednesday so stay posted!


p.s.! Have you heard of La Mer watches? I’ve always loved wrap watches and been eyeing them for quite some time.. but surprise Target now has a collection with them so walk.. no RUN, and check them out!

La Mer for Target

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  1. I love those watches too!! Good to know : )

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